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300mg Tren a Week, Not Many Changes in 6 Weeks?

Hey everyone i’m on my first tren cycle and i just finished 6 weeks. The cycle is 400mg test prop and 300mg tren. I don’t feel side effects but i’ve always been side effect resistant to almost any drugs i’ve used. the cycle before that was 750mg test, 600mg deca 100mg anadrol(5 weeks) so i put on a lot of mass i’ve gone up to 102 kg from 85kg bodyweight(i’m 96kg now) and my bf was around 18-20 percent. I wanted to recomp on tren, lose some fat put on a bit of muscle but so far it’s not so good.

I didn’t see much strenght gain almost none, i don’t see my fat burning off even tho my diet is around 2000 calories and sometimes even less. i didnt put on significant amount of muscle and i feel like is this the holy tren everyone speaks highly of? i don’t sweat i don’t feel hot, but it might be me because i don’t usually sweat much even without tren anyways. i see a little bit of roundness and my delts capped a little bit and i feel a little bit of hardness but not much “pop” to the muscles as i expected.

So what can be the issue? the source is reliable i always buy from him. Is it the dosage? maybe 300mg is slowing me down? should i bump it up to 400-450 mgs a week? Is it something else? Should i give it more time and wait until the end of cycle before jumping the vagon? I feel its real tren because i feel agression in the gym feel like never exhausting but visibly i’m not satisfied.

Thanks in advance.

Get off Tren you’re too fat. Follow Paul Carter’s XLR8 diet, use test only. Drugs aren’t miracles. You didn’t list your macros, training, supplements, cardio so how can you be helped.

Isnt 2k way to low for 96kg bodyweight? Im 80 kg and to cut I would go down to like 2300± to cut.

I would still be suspect of your Tren. Your source has to get his stuff from somewhere. He could sell you Tren honestly (by not knowing it is fake himself).

Your results sound more like what one would get off of 400 mg/wk test.

it’s from sp labs, i’ve used eq before from the same brand and it worked just fine, i workout 6 times a week but the changes have been minor, not like “whoaa tren is the sh*t”

i’m really considering giving it another week and then maybe either bump up the dose or never buy the same drug again.

Pull a tiny amount of tren into a syringe. Then empty said tiny amount onto your finger. Taste it. Report back what it tastes like.

The lab you speak of is indeed reputable, but you bought from a reseller. Sometimes resellers get counterfeit goods. We tend to think of pharma brands being the things that are faked, but large UGLs also can be faked sometimes. It seems unlikely, but it’s pretty unusual that you’ve had zero side effects. Even the most resistant guys get at least some indication that they’re taking cattle hormones.

Nwm.bad info

dude i hate you, i did the taste thing and it was the worst thing i ever put in my mouth even listerine had hard time cleaning it up lol. i can’t even describe it it was this irony bitter taste.

anyways i decided to bump the dose up to 500mg tren ace this week and go on from there and increase the cardio to 6 day a week, ill see ho wit goes. but other than sleep issues which is i’m prone to, i really don’t see side effects on 300mg it’s been like that almost on every drug i’ve tried, i’m really lucky on that.

Was it spicy? That’s the signature taste of tren, spicy and bitter. I don’t know what every steroid tastes like, but tren is known to be very different than the rest.