300mg Test E Weekly ( Sides )

Monday injected, blood drawn Wendsday

Did you inject again Wednesday after the blood draw? What is your injection schedule? How much did you inject on Monday?

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75mg Monday and 75mg Thursday

I think you should try 50 mg shots instead of the 75 mg. This will likely still have you over the top of the range, but less dramatically.

I’d try that out. Give it some time, then if not feeling great, I’d try upping the p5p. One thing at a time.

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My mistake. Our tabs are 20mg and i took 40mg. Injected 50mg today. Will see what happens in 2 weeks until then will try to donate some blood somehow :smiley:

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Appreciate the update. So many on here ask for advice and don’t even consider the advice they get, hardly ever act on it.


Fact is I want to do this safely as possible. Find my lowest dose ( keep gains, lipids ok ) and go from there. Tho i wanted to know, if the E2 spike could be from rebound ? Because when i was on 300mg week did not take adex, my E2 was also in 240 range.
And when i started 150mg without adex, it spiked to 230 as we see. If its rebound will aromasin next cycle eliminate this problem ?

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I am not sure on that. E2 doesn’t have a linear relationship with Testosterone though. It is pretty linear to begin with (from 0 to about 1,000 TT), then it starts to flatten out. I guess what I am saying is that I wouldn’t expect that cutting your T dose down to a third, would get your E2 to a third of what it was. I would expect more of a drop than you saw though (240 → 230). I’d probably give it a bit of time to drop further.

Bro science says aromasin doesn’t have the rebound effect that adex does. I am not sure that is true, and I haven’t experienced noticeable rebound using adex.

Anyway. 0.25mg adex i took yesterday, has eased the symptoms. I will leave this as last pill. Will see where I am at with 100mg/week prolactin and E2 wise. Will see doctor tomorrow to get " prescription " for giving blood " for health resons " will see if it fixes hemoglobin and hemocrit.

How long about did you finish the blast? It takes a while for the red blood cells to drop.

If we count todays shot its forth week

I am guessing you will even out on red blood cells over time on 100 mg/wk. I think it takes longer than a month though. I wouldn’t be worried about high hematocrit yet.

I am no doctor, but if I understood my bloods correctly, hemocrit and heboglobin rises and drops together

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In general, with AAS use red blood cell production goes up. Too many red blood cells equals thick blood. Thick blood is hard to pump, and hard on your heart.

You want both of the numbers to drop, and by lowering your T dose, that will happen, it takes time though. Red blood cells last for like 4 months. You produced extra of them while at 300 mg/wk. You will need to wait for your numbers to come down, or you can donate now and lower them. If my blood pressure and heart rate were fine, I’d wait it out. If they were high, I’d drain some blood.

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Don’t sell yourself short.

It appears there’s still lots of your “cycle” test still in you. I’d give it more time

Did not want to wait for month, so checked my lipids today, if there is anything changed to positive side. ( 2 weeks from last check )
Last injection : Yesterday
Dosage: 100mg test e weekly ( split into two )
P5P: 50mg ed

Hemoglobin : 173 g/l OK: 134 - 170 g/l
Hemocrit: 52.6 % OK: 40 - 49 %
Testosterone: 56.2 nmol/l OK: 8 - 30 nmol/l
Prolactin: 434 mIU/l OK:73 - 407 mIU/l
Estrogen: <88.0 pmol/l OK:< 161 pmol/l

So its seems that numbers are normalising.

Well … Have been having some issues with erection lately…
On 300mg/wk test, i had never issues was hard as rock as long as needed. After i came to 100mg/wk some problems have accured. Sometimes cant maintain erection/ sometimes cant get hard. I dont want to take viagra to hide the problem.
What tests should i take ? Or 100mg might be too low for me ? Altough from tests it seems my testosterone is quite high( over normal ). Also have noticed that sleep is not as good as it was on 300mg.
No problems with morning wood.

Gonna guess PRL is still high

My prolactin is where it has always been near top normal range. In past it has not been a problem .
Will do new tests tomorrow and see where my bloods are.
But to be honest on 100mg week i feel quite shit energy/motivation/training wise. It feels like im back in place when i did not use anything.