300mg Test E Weekly ( Sides )

Not sure. Its kinda when urinating some discomfort. But i guess it somehow transfer from balls. Both came at same time.

I think I have had the same issue before. This is totally bro-science BS, so take it with a grain of salt… I think it is my prostate swelling from too much DHT. Last time I noticed it, I was running Mast E at 350/wk.

There is evidence to show that DHT causes prostate enlargement, but in my case, I cannot verify it because I have no proof.

After week or so the symptoms dissapeared. Did not change anything.

So past week I have been in trouble with real joint ache. Running is almost impossible. Walking staris I feel like 60yr old . Also every morning i have muscle / joint pain. Sleep is quite bad. Not to mention erection problem. My only guess was estrogen low ? So I made labs today and here are the results. I am using B6 40MG every morning and adex 0.25-0.30 E4-5D . Right now i stopped adex and i guess i will try 0.125 ? or 0.25 once a week.
Testosterone : 68.3 nmol/l - norm 8 - 30 nmol/l
SHBG: 17 nmol/l - norm 14 - 71 nmol/l
Free androgen index 406.4 % - norm 20 - 81 %
estrogen <88.0 pmol/l - norm < 161 pmol/l
Progesterone <1.6 nmol/l < 2 nmol/l

As my estrogen shows lower than 88 it means it could be alot lower causing my symptoms ?
Also wanted to ask, what drops my test levels ? As before they were somewhere at 90

yes, joint problems and erection problems can be caused by low e2.

Im not sure that dose would do anything. If you would be ok with 0,125mg once a week, you can just as easy not take any.

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I respond strongly to adex. I think 0.125 mg twice a week would be enough for me to resolve mild symptoms.

I have labs from 200 mg/wk of Test only, and 875 mg/wk with 0.25 adex EOD (and Finasteride 0.5 mg/day, which should increase E2). My E2 was 72 on the former, and 81 on the latter. I increased Test by 4.4X and with 0.875 adex total a week E2 only increased by 9 points.

I am probably close to a hyper responder to the drug, but I believe if one wants to use an AI, they should assume they are a hyper responder until evidence suggests otherwise.

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When i did not take any adex , my estrogen was 367.0 pmol/l, wheres i felt some unpleasent high estrogen sides. I took the labs asap as i felt sides which were bothering me, it might have gone even higher.
Looking back in my notes, I sometimes took E4D / E3D 0.25-0.30adex by mistake. I dont know if this is enough ( 1-3 day before ) to crash it. Also when joint pain came and sleep issue got some acne on back and shoulders ( a bit more agressive than small pimples ). DuacGel somewhat helps after every time i apply it.
Last time i took adex was 01.06.2022, and today got labs . Looking back to my notes I have made some mistakes in taking it on right days. As for new information should i continue once a week 0.25 ? or try 0.125 . Sorry for so many annoying questions, but this is my first time and every arguement is valuable.

@mnben87 @k1000 ok maybe it’s just me as me taking 0,5mg a day or 1mg a day results in like 20% difference at best. Taking anything less doesnt do anything at all. But then again even if my e2 is 300, i have no sides at all so i just take 0,5mg a day if im on around a gram of test and dont even test e2 as i dont get any sides. I just know that taking less wouldn’t do shit at all. I just take some for e2 to be lower as i believe such high e2 is just not good in general but i dont bother to control it much after that. Its around like 100-200 and im ok. The normal range is like 20-50.

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Not using adex for some time i would assume i kinda crashed my e2 or it was really low. Right now all the feelings above are gone and i feel really good. Joint pain is barely feelable.
I will wait until new week and decide then if i need 0.25mg once a week. I guess once a week 0.25mg should keep it in max normal range like mnben87 said.

How long are you waiting before changing doses of different drugs?

I dont have timeframe for adex. As first time when i took it i gave blood to see how I react to it. It was high and then it was low. Until today i have not taken it, but i feel definetly alot better compared when i took it, even it seems some of the small acne has dissapeared from back. I will continue likes this until i feel something is off / or take 0.25mg a week, as i have read high estrogen is also not good, but low felt alot worse.

So i still have not taken any adex, overall it seems i have less sides but lately feeling depressed / sad. My only guess is that its caused by high prolactin ? As i saw from labs that if my estrogen rises, rises also my prolactin alot. With adex and p5p my prolactin was in normal range.
I guess i will start taking 025adex once a week.

Long story short. Visited male doctor with other issue and he checked my bloods and i came clean regarding my " cycle ". I told him that before injecting test i did not feel as good, no motivation, sleep issues, depression etc and i asked , when my cycle end should i come off or continuine lower dose. He told me that, if this makes youre quality of life better definetly continue 75-100mg of test and shoot test to get 30-40nmol. He told that he has helped alot " users " when they have issues or / coming of cycle want to be normal and fertile. He told that he has helped most of them and sooner or later fertility is back 5-12 months ( some dude used heavy shit for 3 yrs straight ). So I guess there is no reason to come off, but my knowlage on trt / cruise is not so good.
As i understand i do my blast eg 300mg , finish it lets say 12-14 weeks and go with 100mg? I guess 100mg should hold my gains for some time.

I wanted to clarify. Should i take hcg while i take 100-150mg weekly long term ?
What are the benefits ?

Finished my first cycle of 300mg test e weekly 17 weeks. Overall i felt really great after getting e2 under control. Used 0.25 adex weekly.
So i decided to cruise or trt on lowest dose i feel good. I decided to try 150mg weekly. Im 4 weeks in and started to notice bad side effects ( sleep, training, oily skin, alot pimples in hair, a little moody ) and decided to make tests, here are the results:

Hemoglobin= 180 g/l OK: 134 - 170 g/l
Hemocrit = 54.5% OK: 40-49%
HDL =1.8 mmol/l OK: > 1 mmol/l
LDL=2.3 mmol/l OK:< 3 mmol/l
Testosterone= 51.0 nmol/l OK :8 - 30 nmol/l
SHBG:=17 nmol/l OK: 14 - 71 nmol/l
Prolactin: 558 mIU/l OK: 73 - 407 mIU/l
E2 : 236.0 pmol/l OK : < 161 pmol/l

  1. Regarding E2 . I guess as i used armidex, its E2 rebound ? Should i taper adex or should i take aromasin ? I took already 0.25mg of adex to ease the symptoms and ordered aromasin in case i decide to take it.
  2. Regarding hemoglobin. Yes its high, but is it dangerous ? Doctor said that for athletes, it is usually high side. I will start taking C vitamin and try to donate blood ( a little hard as i made tattoo not long ago, and they told time limit is 4 months )

I would like to have suggestions regarding e2, as i already took 0.25mg, should i taper it until my system normalises or should i take aromasin ?

Your test is over the normal so e2 should also be. You can try to normalise it, but i dont think its necessary as it just shows that your test is also high.
Weird how you are willing to fix e2 but didn’t even mention dealing with the fact that your prolactin is high(why the fuck is it high btw?).

You also address the hemoglobin but ignore the high hematocrit…why?


When i started AS my prolactin was already 50-100 over max ( doctors told that was ok ). And from tests it seems prolactin for me moves in correlation with E2, when my E2 was low prolactin was in high normal ( with 20mg p5p ). If you mention it, maybe the sides are from prolactin ? ( should i maybe try dostinex ? ) .
As for hemoglobin, if its higher then my hemocrit is also higher, thats why i focus on them as duo.
If I am mistaken then sorry, still learning.
Paldies :slight_smile:

I think for you the dose you decided isn’t the lowest dose that you feel good on. You have a good response (in that your blood levels are high) from the dose you choose. Why not try a bit lower dose? Maybe shoot for the top of the range?

I’d also be more concerned with the prolactin. I would try upping your P5P dose a bit.

Before changing dose, I wanted opinions if my understanding is right regarding e2 and armidex. I chose 150mg because, i read alot topics where people told that, they were in high normal range.
I took p5p 20mg because in my country on label it says 10mg is max :smiley:

Your blood results show that you are 51/30 = 1.7X the range. What frequency are you injecting? When was the blood drawn in relation to when you injected?

Over here at least, the capsules are usually 50 mg each. You couldn’t take less than that without opening them up.

I am not an expert on p5p. I think the lowest I’ve seen reported here for a dose is 50 mg or 100 mg a day. I think you are okay going up a bit. I’ve seen some using 400 mg/day. Smart to start low though.