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300mg Test C for 6 Months - Will I Get Results?

Hey Lads,

I hope y’all enjoying the end 2020

I’m planning on doing a cycle / short term trt protocol for 6 months with 300mg of test C a week, while doing my research and getting everything ready, I got 2 questions for you:

I got an event in 6 weeks, will I get some effects at that point, if starting soon ?

Am I gonna get some decent enhancing ?


Six months of a light blast (and that’s what 300/w is) will obviously yield some real benefits, yes.

As far as what happens in six weeks… I guess it depends on what effects you’re asking about. If it’s libido and overall feeling like you have more energy then sure, six weeks is about the saturation point. If it’s visual enhancement then maybe a little, mostly from the increased storage of water and glycogen. What’s the event and what are you hoping for in terms of results?

Not really a thing. But on 300mg you’ll likely see some results, but your TT will have just peaked in six weeks, so you may need to lower your gains expectations.

Do you need trt? What are your lab numbers?

While it’s highly individual, 300mg/week is roughly double what I see a lot of TRT dosages around. It’s 50% higher than my (non-trt) cruise dose.

Will you see results in 6 months? Yes, with an “if”. Like anything else, it depends on what you put into it: training, diet, commitment, consistency. Don’t expect to see results just because you’re taking drugs. 95% of it will be the basics of what you do, drugs will just put icing on the cake.

Will you see results in 6 weeks? Maybe: see above.

Is this your first round with AAS?

Thx for your answers lads,
So I’m doing this for overall well being, to help with work(construction) and with high intensity trainings everyday. The aesthetics will come with training and nutrition such as Libido that will obviously increase.

I want something that will help with fatigue/recovery and doing it for about 6 months and then a pct.
It is a first round but have been training and following AAS for years.
I used to be at competitive level, but injuries and life got me hard.
I will keep my E2 in check, no issue.
My heart as well, no issue, so far.

Do you think 300mg is too much for 6 months ? What about a blast and cruise: 300 at the beginning for X amount of time and then 250/200 for the time left ?

6 months and then a PCT? There is a chance you won’t fully recover and even if you do it’ll likely take months. This is a recipe for depression

Maybe do some HCG alongside this if you plan on recovering.

It’ll stop the testicular atrophy and make recovery easier.

More experienced members will tell.you how you can use this into your PCT too.

As above, 6 months with no HCG spells a long time recovering as you’ll have been shut down for nearly half a year.

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