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300mg Test/300mg Tren

Another Test/Tren cycle.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Been reading and will continue but asking professionals is still a valid source of proven/tested information.

32 years old, 6’0”, 180lbs, 10% body fat
Training for over 15 years.
5 cycles under my belt, all test e with the last two adding Var.
pct always in check and I’m prone to gyno so I take adex 0.5 eod and always have extra nolva on hand.

My next cycle: (first tren cycle) (weeks 1-10)
Test: 300mg/week
Tren: 300-400mg/week (depending on sides)
Anavar: 50mg/day (weeks 7-12) (do I need this?)
HCG: on hand (amount? See “questions”)

PCT: 4 weeks (13-16)
Nolva: 40/40/20/20
Clomid: 100/100/50/50

1.) I travel sometimes for work. Obviously everyone recommends Tren A for first timers but with travel Tren E would work much better. At these doses do y’all still recommend Tren A? 100mg/day mon/wed/fri.
2.) HCG: some people recommend running from start to finish and others recommend the last 3-4 weeks. Thoughts?
3.) Do I need Caber, Prami?
4.) Anavar: should I add this or don’t need it?

My diet is on point. I eat extra clean (especially while on cycle) 3250 cal/day.

Thank you all in advance. Look forward to the gainzzzzzz boys!!!

  1. With Travel Tren E is probably going to be your best bet due to the more spread pins.
  2. Ive never used HCG so i cant really speak on this, all my PCT have been exclusively nolva and clomid.
  3. Some folks don’t use either during cycle due to Tren not really effecting their Prolactin levels. i myself always use CABER from start to finish. 0.5mg a week split into two doses should be a good starting point.
  4. Anavar (if its legit) is an amazing compound… 50mg a day will produce decent strength gains, subtle but solid gains in LBM and if already fairly lean increased hardness/Vascularity. There are also those that say it “Burns Body Fat” i can neither deny or vouch for these claims as most people seem to be dieting while taking this compound.

I take it this is a cutting cycle? Im on pretty much identical cycle now but using Winny at 50
If you havent done Tren before Ace is best. Its got a ton of sides. I do Ace at 50 per day and it still is a bitch. When I did it at 100ml eod I could barely get through 10weeks… Var is great stuff so if its legit you will feel fine… The caber at .25 2x week is good call no reason to risk tren dick… If its test cyp .25 Anastrozle 2x a week is a good start and see how you feel… Add more if you feel bloated… Deff have HCG on hand when that tren hits yur nuts it will feel like a kick in the balls…take as needed IMO
** Dont be a dipshit & pin 1-2cc of Tren yur first time… You will get a big rush & possible Tren cough** This is why many bros call it the 911 drug… Take small does and taper up or yur gonna not like it

Test is too high. Run max 150mg of Test with Tren to keep sides to a minimum if you must use Tren E. If you dont want to do low test then Tren Ace is the only way you should attempt to try Tren IMO.


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Thanks boys, appreciate the responses.

I’ve been reading heaps and I’m going to stick with Tren A. I already have a bit of insomnia and night sweats lol if sides are bad 2-3 weeks for them to clear doesn’t sound fun at all.

Ordering some caber to add during cycle as well. Thank you for that!

I’m going to start with Tren A 50mg mon/wed/fri for the first 3 weeks and see how the sides are. If all is good I’ll pump to 100mg mon/wed/fri for the remainder of the cycle.

I’m going to run the test e at 300mg/week split into two pins mon/thurs. If sides are bad I’ll lower it to 150mg/week. Basically see how my body reacts to everything because I know everyone seems to be different.

I’ll run the test e for 10 weeks and tren A for 8. That way I give the test some time to kick in.

Var is real, same stuff from my last cycle and it was unreal. Winny drys my joints out too much, can’t even lift.

I’ll keep HCG on hand just Incase and most likely use it as a boost for my pct.

Thanks again!
I’ll follow up With some b4 and after photos cuz I know I like to see photos.