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300mg Test 2x a Week w/ .75 Adex EOD. Estrogen at 40pg/ml

Been trying to find the correct adex dose for me for a long time now. This is what my e2 looks like at 600 test a week and .75 adex EoD. can anyone recommend what i should up it to next?

Are you having estro sides at 40pg/ml? I’d leave it as is… really nothing wrong with that level, and certainly much better than crashing it.

Do you know what your TT or FT are?

IMO, you should not be in lab ranges for E2 while taking 600 mg of test per week. IMO, you should have higher E2 than you currently do, for some of the benefits high E2 has when test is high.

Do you have any symptoms of high E2? If not, I would not chase numbers. I would lower your AI by about half. If no symptoms there, I would half it again.

yes . some days i can barely get out of bed i feel so shitty. hot flashes gyno starting to form

not since i upped it to 600mg of test e a week.

i am getting gyno hot flashes and can barely get out of bed some days i feel so weak. ive run 400 mg of test before this high with 22 pg/ml and felt awesome everyday

My first thought is that your TT is prolly pretty high on 600mg, so e2 40pg maybe be too low. Hot flashes & weakness/blah feeling are low e2 symptoms for me. For reference, my TT is 1300ng and e2 is 78pg and I feel amazing. Stopped the AI months ago and just let e2 do it’s thing. If I were you I’d drop to 400mg and see if you feel any better. If you do, 600mg may just be too much androgens for your body

maybe, but I’ve done more than 600mgs a week and ran aromasin at .5mg EOD and had 22-23 pg/ml e2 and felt great. I was convinced to switch to adex this time and have had much trouble getting it dialed in.