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300mg Per Week First Cycle

Hi all,

first timer here on a cycle. I am using test e 300mg per ml. First pin and all is good.

My source has advised as this is my first time, 300mg per week is enough, although from reading through the forum many are saying for first time the minimum is 500mg. People don’t need to repeat what I have already read which is “why shut your test down for so little results”.
I am asking this question as there are also some topics advising that 300mg is still well over doctors TRT prescriptions and well over natural production, so surely I will still get gains? I am small framed, 27 but with years of training, dieting, eating clean, and in good condition with good gains thus far etc etc. I’m not wanting to blow up like a balloon. It also seems the people advising that 500mg should be bare minimum are the people that have been using for years on high doses and maybe forget there first times?

My second question is if people do find 300mg per week suffice would I need to incorporate any AI’s & HCG?

Thirdly if people are adamant against the 300mg per week. As this is 300mg per ml, would it be okay to dose the following for example…Monday 300ml / Friday 200ml = 500ml per week?

Thanks in advance!

Ok so if you want to run 300mg/wk and that’s what you’re comfortable with… F everybody else. You will see results on 300mg/wk. I personally think 500mg is the best option but you do you. 300mg is still going likely put you double top range of natural test. I would split it up so you run 150mg 2x per week. Shouldn’t need an AI but if you do try a quarter tab arimadex, .25mg, between injections as a starter. Best of luck whatever you choose.

Sounds good to me. Yeah just want to keep it relatively low for now and then look to up dosage next time round Just out of curiosity why split into two and not just one?

You can do one shot if you like. The half life of Test C is around 8 days. Which means after 4 days you’ve got 50% floating around another 3 days almost half of that. Injecting twice a week allows you to build up to a nice saturation without heavy peaks and troughs. Check it out on the steroidplotter website. It’s not crucial to split but I prefer it.


This guy did his first cycle with 250mg per week, this vid is him at 9 weeks having gained 6kg. (Already at a pretty decent natty BBing level).

It will all be highly individual but if you’re happy to start at a lower dose, you will definitely still make gains.

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I’ve taken both Adex and Nolva and I would suggest Nolva to prevent gyno. But at @blshaw said, you may not need any E2 control at this point. I run 250/week and take nothing for E2. @glenphillips

Thanks for all your advice guys. I will see how I get on with 300mg per week. If all goes well, will look to up dosage next time round and do some stacking.
PIP is quite bad at the moment, but hey ho, it’s a virgin muscle!!


It’s actually 4-5 days. 8 days is the “Effective” life.

Thanks, got it.

What is it for test e? I read 8 for test c and 5 for test e on wiki. Other numbers from different sources. All of the numbers I’ve read make it hard to be convinced of anything.

I haven’t looked, but probably similar. A lot of places say the same thing we all have been saying, but Johann posted the links in a TRT thread and I couldn’t argue with it. We’ve all believed nd repeated incorrect information.

I have finished my first 300 Test E cycle this week, I ran for 12 weeks, the results are amazing, I have gone from s/m clothes to large and my jeans are an inch smaller, when you run a cycle you will eat better, train harder, this also helps massively.

Agreed, I thought I could but some Arimedex if I saw signs, by then it was too late, still a little puffy now

Was you splitting dosages into two or just once a week? I’m having a nightmare

Newby here.

Made a couple of posts already similar to this but I’m condensing in to one as outcomes have changed.

Currently feeling disheartened but determined to run a test cycle. Not having much luck.

First time - few months ago used Testonon 400mg. Jabbed 1ml in to my shoulder. Ended up with a lump on fire, red, painful, flu, infected. Had to go hospital and was dosed up off work on antibiotics. Eventually cleared up.

Second time - CURRENTLY NOW. Tried lowering the dosage to Testoviron E 300mg. Jabbed 1ml into my glute a week today. This is the 7th day and it is still sore. It’s been sore all week. Not unbearable, hasn’t restricted movement hasn’t got worse, no redness, no lump, no heat and feel fine. I’m not worried as I believe it is slightly started to subside. I feel this isn’t PIP and it is my body having a negative reaction again.

I’m going to have to stop again as it’s pointless to jab again if I’m going to keep having 7 days lasting of pain to the point where I can’t even train legs.

I’m not going to let this put me off. Once a couple of months pass and hormones go back to base I want to give it a third go. But where am I going wrong?!
Is it the high blends, oils, certain compounds, shitty brand? Please can someone shed some light. I fully sanitise and clean on injections so it’s not that. I’d be very unlucky if both times were fake. My source uses it himself and gives to other people I know who have had no issues.

You inject 1mil at a time and you a new to steroids? That seems like a lot, I was doing Tuesdays and Fridays half mil each time, delts only.

Sounds like either you have a batch of gear with a very high BA content or your body simply does not tolerate that gear. Everybody reacts differently. Show your connection the problem and ask if he’ll exchange it for a different bottle(s) or wait until he makes a new batch.

This is a high concentration for anybody much less virgin muscle. My quads screamed for months on 300mg/mL.

Not trying to be critical here but you seem as if you are going about this haphazardly. Are you ensuring a sterile field when you draw and inject? Why are you only pinning once a week, when the consensus here is at least twice weekly? Is somebody pinning you or are you self injecting? A lot of guys shake and move the needle around which can cause some trauma to the muscle. Are you massaging the injection site afterwards to disperse the oil?

This isnt a game. Steroids are serious business and if you havent thought it thru, you can seriously hurt yourself.

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I’m doing literally everything you’ve mentioned. I went over the top in keeping things sterile, cleaning pre and post inject. Injecting before training. Massaging area. Warm showers after. Etc etc.

I’m getting someone to do it for me. I’m doing once a week at 300mg into virgin muscles. My source has done many comps and used gear for many years. Maybe he’s forgotten what it’s like to begin with?!

No offence taken that you think I’m going about this haphazordous but we’ve all got to start somehow here? I’m being as safe as I can and precautious I can. Hence why I’ve started posting for further advice.

Anyhow, sounds like your saying the 300mg in one shot is to much and to split twice a week?

Testoviron E 300 hurts. Can’t you get cyp 250? And inject glutes. I’ve done 2ml at a time in glutes, it’s fine. If you can’t then split your shots into twice weekly, half a ml.