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300mg of Test/Week...What Can I Expect?


Just started on 300mg of test per week through my doctor. i am 50, 6'1", 210 lbs about 10% bf very well developed at this point. lost sex drive and you know the rest. is this enough to give me some added muscle??


Yes, especially if you have low(er) T levels, I guess that is to be assumed from your post. You should definitely get an AI to keep estrogen under control. Consider getting some hCG if this is going to be a permanent thing.


Wow, you are lucky you have your doctor. Often times you will hear of doctors prescribing 100 mgs once a week, or 200 mgs once a two weeks. An AI might be needed, at the same time though, that really is not a huge dose. Do you plan on going off in your life, or is this permanent?


He lives in Mexico. Different rules than the U.S. 300mg. a week isn't a replacement long-term dose. You could run it full-time, probably with no bad sides, but from the standpoint of taking testosterone to replace youthful levels, 300 mg. is way beyond that.


I am well aware of what you just stated, generally I believe around 200 MGS a week would provide a 50+ yr old man with the equivalent testosterone of a high-normal healthy 18 year old male. But being that you are not him, how do you know HE DOES NOT PLAN ON BEING ON 300 mgs a week for the rest of his life? Alas, I did not take the time to check his location, and am aware US doctors are different then some where like Mexico, where anabolics are legally sold and readily available at any corner farmacia.


No, that would be nearer 100mg of an esterified testosterone product.

idowhatican - drop the attitude, it doesnt suit.


Seriously not looking to bring attitude or an argument with you Brook, but isn't it a generally accepted idea that older teen males produce the equivalent of 27 mgs of test a day? I did the math (rounding up to 30 mgs a day) and figured 210 mgs a week would be equivalent. Of course, a mistake I may have made (which would correlate with your 100mgs a week) would perhaps be that an esterified product has a half life of 6-8 days, so taking that 100 mgs would be equivalent to 50 mgs a week later? I dunno, I was just throwing out a total number of test, versus a more-near daily value of test.

On a seperate not, do we not become more sensitive to androgens the older we get?


I was talking about your attitude to the poster in question, generally short and shitty, especially for such a new poster.

As per your numbers, they are sound - kinda. To round 198mg upto 210mg is kind of a jump dont you think?
But regardless, your numbers may well be right, i dont know, it's just that I had been working from a different range of levels for healthy young adult males.. where the UPPER number was around the ~70mg/wk mark.

I have no idea which is correct, and was not aware of a higher number so am interested in where you read it..

The statement that an esterified product has a half life of 6-7 days is.. well weird. This may be correct for some esters (i think this is closer to decanoate) but not EVERY esterified product.

You should consider ester weight in a calculation for dosing accurately of course, but how it relates to posology, not pharmacokinetics.

Also you cannot take a weekly output, which is then dosed once a week and then measure that at some point inbetween and question the accuracy of the level achieved.
The reason is, if the total weekly amount secreted by the testes is calculated to be 100mg (or 200mg or whatever, it isn't really important for this argument), then this is generally recommended to be injected on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (100mg a week in this case).
To then measure (or guesstimate) blood levels a day before the next injection, and compare this to the goal level, is to totally forget what we are doing in the first place, ie. replacing T on a weekly (or fortnightly) regime, NOT daily.

To do it in the most effective way* would be to inject the daily amount, daily. But for the purposes of TRT, this is no option for most.

*Actually to be fussy, i would imagine the most accurate way would be to have a drip connected with a test'rone dose that is modulated by the same type of wavelength that the output the testes would use throughout a day.


Actually..... there are some anti-aging doctors in Florida that are prescribing 200mg's a week of T-Cyp and 100mg's of Nandrolone right now. It is actually my favorite weekly dosage combo for "slightly above" maintenance dosing.


Well, you pretty much covered every aspect of steroid dosing right there... I am aware of ester weight, being that 200 mgs of enenthate is not quite a full 200mgs of testosterone, also I was referencing cypionate or enenthate. Damn man, you just laid it all out there... Let me see if I can figure out where I found my 27mgs a day figure from.


You'd be surprised, but yeah out of general interest i would like to have a look at that too - if not for anything else but to add to my reading.

All i have ever found for sexually mature men is averaged at 7mg a day and falls between 4mg and 10mg per day.

As you can see 25 is quite a leap from that - as is why i am so interested to the article that is attached and the context in which it is written (and who wrote it too! :wink: )



Brooks figures are correct

The quantity of Testosterone synthesised on a daily basis by a sexually mature adult male is between 3 and 10mg (Horton 1978) averaging around 7mg (Bardin 1996).