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300lb DB Row!


Ah now come on LOL

That's just completely out of this world omg

He Rows more than i Deadlift !


The scary thing is, every one of those was a fairly "clean" rep.


Good post by himself lol the man literally doesn't care what his body does he just keeps on lifting more weights !


hmmm... That seems like a good life goal. Keep my DL heavier than Kroc rows...

Lol the man is an awesome beast.


I still don't understand why they're called Kroc rows. It looks like every other sort of loose dumbbell row form.

Yes, the man is an accomplished lifter with dedication and physical ability that nearly all of the population doesn't have and never will have; however, that is NOT clean form; his elbow barely reaches past his torso during the set. If this works for him, hats off! That sort of loose rowing has worked for many men, but it hasn't worked for me in building mass in my upper back.


This is what clean, strict form looks like in this exercise:



You've got to be kidding, what kind of lift was........

...........haha, just kidding :wink:

Mean lift. So that's what a 300lb dumb-bell looks like. And here I am all happy that I'm starting to have a bash at the 120lb dbs :frowning:


You're kidding, right??


lol at the proper form video. Kroc is manhandling 300lbs with one arm. Dudes back is fucking dense. Hes tough as fucking nails aswell.


You're kidding, right??

i'm not speaking for Brick, but i think he only posted that video to show that there was infact a difference, not to say that thats the only way a row should be done

....300 lbs...holy fuck, what a beast


Sick lift and lol @ all the fags posting comments about his form on youtube.


I would get zero growth from using a weight that lite.


He hit 300x12 recently.


I would get zero growth from using a weight that lite.

So would I. Thank you.

That video is actually an instructional video.


And this is in the BodyBuilding section...why?


Any of you see this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDQT_zbJ5Yg&feature=channel_page Its him squatting 545x10 and tearing his quad on the last rep...fucking intense.


Why shouldn't it be? Its a video of a good lift being done by a beast of a man with a physique that probably 99% of people on here would strive toward. I'll take this over another "I weigh 100lbs but don't have abs, what can I do to get abs?" threads.


Oh... I'm flat retarded sorry...

I wasn't really paying attention. I went back over the posts... lol I'm a dumbass.


Oh, I thought he was one of those "powerlifters"


You didn't get the point he was making, did you?