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300kg Front Squat


well this is pretty impressive




It looks like its suited but still impressive, I saw rayza-sp- rep 600ish front squat raw which is also pretty impressive.






Looks pretty RAWWWWWWWWW(R) to me?? If it is suited then it's certainly straps down/single ply. And if he was wearing briefs or a suit I wouldn't expect to see him wearing shorts over them since he looks to be in a pretty hardcore gym.

Anyone confirm?


It's raw. He also squatted (backsquat) 350 Kg raw in competition.


that was awesome.


damn impresive



So like his FS is 85% of his BS??? woah.


Made it look easy too.


Reza Zadeh

Theres also another one of him backsquating 305kg twice like nothing with a belt on.

Thats pretty sick for having a belt on I'm not sure if he's wearing anythign else.

Both these guys are nuts