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300kg / 660lb deadlift at 180


I'm a nobody, but I was feeling strong yesterday and pulled a 660lb / 300kg deadlift weighing about 180. A pretty big milestone for me. Finally closer to 700 than 600.


Great work man. Looked smooth.


Great Lifting!
Great job holding on! Did you hook grip it? Also, that’s a good-looking gym.


Bro, that was Sweet ! You are a SomeBody that can Inspire the rest of Us !!


3.7xbw is a huge pull man, great job!


Damn son!


Great pull!

Aren’t you also the Meat Vest Pullup Guy? -Equally great LOL!


Damn, solid lift.


Damn that was impressive! First time I pulled that I was 100 pounds heavier, haha.


Thanks guys!

Yes, it’s a hook grip (not double over hand) and I am also the beef jerky pull-up guy.



Any advice on grip strength?

Can’t manage the hook grip and my left hand keeps opening. Don’t wanna use straps nor the mixed grip in order to improve my grip strength as It’s stalling me at 405!!!


<3 you Chia

And ftr, OP has a brilliant mind for training. Dude knows his stuff.


Your YouTube channel is ridiculous!


Nice lift, congratulations.