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300 Workout


Hey all, I just saw the 300 workout that the supposed "300" actors took part in for the movie. That seems like an awesome test and goal to strive for. Do you agree? What do you think is the best way to get ready for it? I am thinking total body workouts mixed with a little bit of strength workouts and some endurance workouts. Possibly a good amount of interval cardio. I'm pretty sure the majority know of this workout but in case you don't, here it is:

25 pullups
50x deadlifts @ 135
50x pushups
50x box jumps @ 24" box
50x floorwipers @ 135
50x kettle ball cleans @ 35
25 pullups

300 total reps


I think brad pitt's workout for fight club was more intense. I mean he was r-ipped!

/end thread/



No, that isn't the workout the actors in 300 did


i find it too much of a coincidence that 300 reps = 300 the name of the movie.

i'm pretty sure they did other shit to get in shape for the movie.


I agree that the actors did other stuff to get into shape. If you read the link that Roual posted, it says that this workout was just a test at the culmination of their regular workouts. What I am asking is what do you guys think would be a good program that would help one achieve those goals.

It says in that link that one of the actors did that "300" workout in 18 minutes and change. I think that's pretty incredible and am considering giving it a shot when I feel like I am ready.


A qoute from the Gym Jones link Roual posted:

"The second misconception surrounds the idea of the Spartan workout, aka '300', how frequently it was done or who actually finished it. '300' is a one-time test,..."

One-time test - not a workout.

Any of you try it before?


Haven't tried it but would like to. My fitness levels are not even close to where they need to be to beat that test. I can only do 10 pull ups in a set right now but working my way up. Looking for the best workout to get my fitness up to this level.

Not sure if I should do 3 total body workouts a week or do something different. I can see the Harbinger Hypertrophy plan working pretty well considering it increases its rep range each workout. Just trying to get ideas from people on different workouts that would help me to complete this test.


if your new to the iron game, try starting strength or if you have a little time under your belt, go with bill stars 5x5.... generic, and good starting points....

or if you like to own a book: get either "the new rules of lifting" or "built for show" both are great and have very solid programs within them...


i have done it a few times about ~ 1 year ago.
For me the pullups are the only real challenge. Each other bit I can do without really stopping much. The 18 minute time is not really impressive, unless they are doing something else. I did it in ~ 16.30
My buds best time was 14.37 - - - he also can do about 25-30 pulls at one clip.

Note: for training it was wrestling season, and we train along with the kids we coach, so we were wrestling 5 days a week. 3 days lifting mostly circuits with light weight for 1 minute. Ie we would do 1 minute of shoulder press, then 1 minute of squats, then 1 minute of dumbbell uppercuts, etc.....


That's sick, yeah, I think the pullups would be a big problem for me. Obviously, considering I can only do 10 in a set right now. dbautis, you being a wrestler, did you do pull ups everyday? If so, any suggestions on how to improve on them? I love doing them and wouldn't mind doing them everyday if possible.


im not really all that good at pullups. The other guy i coach with is very good, basically he has a pull up bar in his house in the doorway leading to his kitchen - and he does them everyday when he walks by - up to 100 each day.

Im doing stronglifts 5x5 so with that program I do weighted chins/pulls

but i also on off days do this - (Which i picked up from a recent article here.)
all in a circuit - which a short pause to change grips.
wide grip pulls
medium grip pulls
neutral grip pulls
narrow grip chins

ill let you know how it goes as Im like a week into trying these....


it takes me >20 mins. Id be interested to see what some of their other workouts looked like. Seem very much like crossfit. Ive seen the link above b4, why do u think they DL blindfolded?


Those times seem almost unbelievable. The best times posted on the Gym Jones site were in the 18's.


ive done a similar 300 with kettlebells

25 v-ups (situps)
50 snatches (25 L 25 R)
25 pushups
50 swings (25 L 25 R)
50 burpees
50 clean & presses (25 L 25 R)
50 mountain climbers

done as fast as you can with a 24k (53lb) kettlebell for men. goal time to beat is 11:16


if you are referring to me, Im probly doing something wrong then :o)


Ya I did this once before. Saw it in a Fitness RX magazine (don't laugh). It's a really tough circuit to perform, the 25 Pull-Ups at the end are absolutely brutal, but overall, it's not a killer, but rather, a very good test at strength endurance and overall conditioning.


Allowing for each rep to average 3 seconds and not factoring in any time for transitioning between exercises the workout would take 15 minutes by my crude calculations. And that's allowing for no rest time whatsoever! Even 18 minutes seems insane, but sub-15 minutes just seems impossible. I could very well be wrong though, and even if I'm not you must be insanely well conditioned to complete that workout at all.


My best time was 34.42...the floor wipes take the most time for me.


Anyway, do anyone knows how to get the spartan's increadible core?, I do deadlifts, squats, compund shit, etc.

But those amazing abs don's seem to apear :(.

And i'm not really sure if the actors did direct ab work.


You have to realize that in the end, it was a movie and fair amount of computers and lighting made their abs "pop" out.