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300 Reps Program


I've been lifting for about a month now and have been using the starting strength program which I have been making decent progress on. But I saw this program today:


10 minute Indoor Row

10 Push-Ups

10 Air Squats

10 Pull-Ups


12 rounds of:

5 x 60kg Deadlifts (132lbs)

5 x Pull-Ups

5 x Clap Push-Ups

5 x Sit-Ups

5 x Dumbbell Push-Up --> Squat Clean --> Push-Press

So it works out to you doing 300 reps in total in lass than 30 minutes. Is this a good program to move onto? Is doing 12x5 really necessary or will you be better off doing 5x5 with a lot of weight?


Keep on 5x5 till it doesn't work anymore. Best think you can do right now is to gain strength. I promise.


5 of 5 0r 5/3/1 , How many days a week are you training ? what are states?

I like 531 2 to 4 days a week with some sort of hard conditioning


That looks like a good way to lose the muscle you've hopefully put on into last month, stay with starting strength, eat like crazy, push the weights, and only look for a new program when gains stop.


No. Find a program.






Just choose an actual program that people have gotten real results from. If you want 5x/week, go with the first routine. For 4x/week, go with 5/3/1. If you want 6x/week or another 4x/week option, look into BBB. Those are some of the more popular programs around here, especially 5/3/1.


Looks like a circuit routine which can have it's place but not as a stand alone program.
I use circuits 1-2 times a week when I'm cutting.
Being as you are new, keep on lifting heavy and eating right.


I do not know of any big/strong person that has ever done anything like this. Seems more like a cardio complex than muscle building program.

Answer - no

You would be better off doing 5x5.


Yeager: Read the bloody articles on this site! There's a recent one condemning jumping from program to program.
You considered ditching one of the best beginner's programs out there for some popularized horse-shit that doesn't work. AFTER ONE MONTH!!!

Stay with Starting Strength for at least a year or two (Starting Strength is great at scooping out your beginner's gains so STAY WITH IT for that long) and THEN if you feel like doing something else you will have hopefully acquired enough knowledge to not fall for every bullshit-program that pops up.


What's your current height and weight?

In the last month, how much bodyweight have you gained?

What weights are you currently using for the squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, and clean?

That 300 rep routine is, quite literally, that absolute opposite of Starting Strength, so no, you shouldn't do it right now. If you did switch, you'd quite simply stop gaining size and strength.


I wouldn't call that a program as much as a challenge. That is the sort of thing you might do down the road (maybe a 1 or 2 times a month) just to see where your current level of conditioning/endurance is at. As to doing it right now...that would involve very poor judgement on your part. There's a reason every other poster in this thread has thrown their hands up saying, "Whoa! whoa! stick with the SS, buddy!"


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