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300 Pound Front Squat More Impressive...


than a 300-pound bench press?

I have a feeling you guys are gonna lean on the front squat being more impressive as this is a Olympic Lifting section. lol.

But please be detailed about your opinions.

I think a 300-pound front squat is more impressive because it requires you not only to be very strong, but also to have good balance.


There are a lot more people that can probably bench 300 than there are that can Front Squat 300.

But you should be able to Front Squat more than you can bench. I'm still at the point where my bench is 5-10 lbs more than my Front Squat.

Front Squat isn't impressive until you're doing 2x BW IMO, but if you hit 315+ in a commercial gym ATG people tend to stare simply because it is so uncommon.


I've hit 315 before, but unfortunately, nobody was there. lol.


Apples and oranges.

Double bodyweight? For those of us who aren't pint sized that's a lot.


300 bench press is more difficult to reach. Unless your bro programming contains zero lower body work. Your normal meathead ought to be able to crank one of these out after 30 days working with it in mind if he can't do it with zero training to begin with.


What is pint sized? 104kg and under should all be able to hit 2x bw eventually.


A 300 pound front squat is much easier to achieve than a 300 pound bench press.

Now if we were talking about a 300 pound clean and jerk then I would be more impressed by that.




I feel like a 210kg front squat at 105kg bodyweight is a pretty big lift. Or maybe I'm just being whiny because I don't squat that much compared to my lifts.


I think it depends on your individual structure. I have been able to bench 300 for years but still have never front squatted more than 275. And I never favored upperbody/chest over leg training.


You are not training legs right. I have short arms and a much better build for benching and I favored upper body training over leg training in my youth and I've still managed to get over 300 in both.


300lb FS is easily doable.
300lb BP is not so easily doable.

The fact I haven't seen someone FS 300lbs in a gym means nothing. People rarely FS and let alone over 120.

I can do both easily but it's seems like an impossible task to FS 2x bw :frowning:

97kg 191
93kg 180




Haven't flat benched in a year (old pr 335), front squat 320x5

I think a 300 bench press is less impressive. show me a guy who can bench 300 and he can bench 300, a guy that can front squat* 300 has developed his muscular balance, strength, thoracic mobility.


108kg lifter checking in. I think the FS is more impressive due to all the factors that come in to play. In general a bench moves reall quickly compared to the FS once youve reached a certain level. That being said, you should def FS more than you bench. I can ben 435 with a pause but am going for a 505 FS in trainin this week.


I know I'm not a Oly guy but I have to say 300 Bench is more impressive. At just under 210lbs I have Front Squat 405 on more than a few occasions (all are logged on this site with video) but, 300 Bench took forever and have only hit it to competition standard once. So when I see a 3 plate Bench im much more impressed just because of the love hate relationship I have with the movement.


210kg? Looks solid!



I think when people mention a 300 bench they aren't talking about a strict PL comp pause. Pausing 300 on the bp would be MUCH harder for me. And by that I mean impossible right now.