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300 Movie Workout

I would say that they definitely train harder than people who take it semi-seriously. Their training looked on par, from what the video shows and tells us, of a very dedicated lifter.

Supersetting upper body workouts with sprints to failure is not something that someone who is “semi-serious” could do. Before I herniated my disc I was training pretty hard and had my lifts at 315 for max bench, 355lbs for my 15 rep sets on the squat, bent over rows maxed with good form at 245, doing 3 sets of supersetted uphill litvisprints once-twice a week, etc. - and this workout is definitely something that would tax my system heavily. It also looks like they do a lot of work on the rings, and anything done on the rings is pretty much 5x harder than that equivalent exercise done off the rings (besides maybe pullups).

Also, I could be wrong but it seems that you were bashing them in the sense that crossfit = small weaklings, which may or may not be true - I’ve never done any of their stuff. However, I’d like to see everyone on this site try to go do sets of weighted ring dips, or iron cross pullouts after getting all of the blood in their lungs from sprints, and making your upper body feel like it’s working out at near-failure already.

Not to mention, I would find it hard to believe that anyone on this site could claim that the bodies of the 300 actors are not hella impressive.

[quote]Goodfellow wrote:
"I started in LA and we had the trainer from the film Mark Twight, so I was training with him and he has a very particular style of training, but I also kept my own trainer so I was training with two guys every day - so that was about four hours of that. (Laughing) Yeah, I kind of overdid it.

Then I also, on top of that, had to go into the valley in LA and do two hours of sword fighting and shield and spear work as well, because a lot of guys use swords but it?s actually learning to use a spear is a whole different thing. And starting to work on some of the maneuvers so I was doing that six hours a day, every day."

Quote from Gerad Butler the main star of the show.

So about 5 hours of intense training every day? Yeah ok. [/quote]

What reason do you have to doubt it?

Five hours a day of training isn’t unbelieveable, considering that quite a lot of it is skills training.

Back in the day when I was in track, between skills work, lifting and conditioning we often clocked four hours a day of work.

And that was on top of going top school, obviously.