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300 lbs Strict Military Press


Hit a PR on my lunch break on Monday...


Hell yeah! Great work, that went up pretty easily too.



Thank you!


Serious Weight!
Nice Lift....Great Command!!


I'll be there soon.

Only 95 pounds to go...


awesoem press..really good form..congratulations


That was awesome! That's my goal as well.


Just a casual lunch break lol...


Thank you!


Thank you.


Good lift!


Fucking aces bro...this is a goal of mine as well...ummmm 75 lbs to go lol.




That's a hell of a lunch break! Nice work.


Thank you.

If there is anything that I can help with or if you want to brainstorm with regard to your training just let me know.


Wow you made that look easy! That wasn't a slow shaky rep you blasted it up lol. Would you mind sharing the routine that worked best for you?


Wow you got that easily - very nice job! And to think that I was proud of myself for push pressing 235 lol (shakes head/orders more Indigo 3G) :slight_smile:


That was solid man. I'd really like to hit that in about a year and a half.


Powerful lift bro. Still in the early stages of being really serious about my lifting so I'm off that by about 120# but someday....

Idk if you have these posted somewhere else but if you don't mind I'm kinda curious about what kind of numbers you're putting up for your other lifts?


Very nice work dude...but you know you can't post that video without spilling some of your training details, philosophies, mindsets, etc.! Sooooooo lets have it!