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300 Easy Clean, Form Not too Good


19 years old, about 220 lbs. 6'3"


I want to be like you when I grow up.


Damn, most impressed by that head almost touching rim jump!


With your DL, I can't imagine a clean will ever be slow off the floor for you. Try front-squatting in the racked position and not cross-armed. That should transition you into learning how to rack a clean.


Saw the deadlift! Nice. And hook gripped, like a real man. Awesome stuff.


I do lol


Haha well shit, I don't know then. I'm a mega-newb on the OL side of things, but that helped me. I'm sure you'll get better with practice, but coaching from someone who knows the OL lifts would help a lot. Hopefully some people with experience will chime in here.


I'll just work on form some everyday next week, then in like 2 weeks or so go for like 365 and catch it lower.


For the love of god, learn how to play rugby. You'll destroy shit and easily make the olympic team.


^^ you do realise that rugby in the Olympics is 7s? Which is nothing about strength, but skill and speed.


Well aware. There are also players on the US team that picked rugby up less than a year ago... One of them started playing a month before the 7's tournament in vegas.


And I'm willing to bet this guy is fast for his bodyweight and probably fairly explosive.


I'll try to time some sprints soon, like forty, or 100m or 200m or something.


Very impressive stuff. Do you play any sports?


I didn't know the standard for getting in is so easy. What about skill, technique, stamina etc.. do the eagles over look this? Tackling is an art in itself. In the 7s game, tackling is so much more important than in the 15s because if you miss a tackle, there is noone to back you up.

They must have higher standards than just speed?

I haven't read the link btw.


Back to the op. you're stupidly explosive, seriously impressive.


yeah summer bball league. lol.


well can't make it to a track during the week, only weekneds. But I can do a half mile at the park today. What should I shoot for? like rugby olympic team speed? lol