300 Days

I’ve decided to embark on a 300 day program, starting Oct. 1st, and ending 300 days later on August 6th, 2007.

That’s Transfiguration Day for us Christians. Appropriate, I thought.

(I also just saw the trailer to the movie “300” and as a Michigan State “Spartan,” I’ve always been inspired by that story.)

Anyway, I’ll post general progress, but not a list of specific workouts. I’m open to suggestions, and will post things here, including weight loss (measured by waist inches only), PRs, etc.

Here are some of my personal bests, from 6 months ago (no straps or shirts):

Bench 315
Squat 465
Deadlift 315
Pull ups 5
Dumbbell snatch 120 lbs each side (no straps)

I’m not currently at that level, but I’m looking forward to it again.

Please keep in mind that I’m 44, and until last year, hadn’t been in a gym for 20 years, and have missed consistent training for the last 8 months (due to my eldest son’s wedding).

Soooooo, the countdown begins this Sunday.

Day 300 and counting down to day 1.

Wish me luck.

Good luck with your workout and your progress, 300 days is certainly a reasonable amount of time.

One question, why the huge discrepancy between your squat and deadlift? An injury or is that a half squat or what?

You don’t need luck. You have done it before and will do again but even better.
I am 42 and keep getting better at this weightlifting thing.

Post your training sessions on lifterlog.com so that Will, Dano and myself can mock and ridicule you for our own amusement. I know that you are already registered after that racy picture you posted.

I only tried it once, haha. Seriously, it wasn’t a part of the program I was doing.

I tried it one day, as I read something from Dan John about basic foundational strength.

I’m sure my form was not good, and I really didn’t return to it, but I’m planning to work on it this time around.

No issues, just no experience.

[quote]Mike Sullivan wrote:

Post your training sessions on lifterlog.com so that Will, Dano and myself can mock and ridicule you for our own amusement. I know that you are already registered after that racy picture you posted.[/quote]

Ho HO! You saw that, did you?

There really is a mystique about the kilt!

I will indeed post the workouts there. I’m still returning to normal training routine, and figuring that whole thing out. Regarding the ribbing, where to begin? Dano will tell you that with me…there’s so much material to work with!

Thanks Sully!

Hey, good to see you are getting back into the game…

While it can be a bit frustrating coming back, especially if you remind yourself of previous PR’s, at least you’ll see some quick progress for a good while.

After that, there will be new PR’s!

Thanks, Jeff.

I’m completely inspired by the movie “300.”

I’ve always loved that story - the Alamo of the Greek civilization! And the trailer is awesome. I’ve decided to get in THAT kind of shape. Having seen what the cast and crew went through to train for their roles, I’m doubly ready to begin.

It’s only 300 days.

You’re going to do great! Go get 'em, tiger! I’ve been back into working out hard and eating right for about a month now and it feels so good. I bet you will build momentum and remember how much you enjoy it and then nothing will stop you.

Good luck and have fun!

Okay, goals for the next 300 days.

I’m shooting for some specific things, but they can’t all be measured easily, so here’s my best explanation.

Waist measurement 30 inches.

I know this isn’t actually likely, since I’ve undoubtedly grown internally since college, and I’m not just talking fat. I know the organs mature a bit, too. But I think it may be possible. I’ll be exceptionally happy with 32", but I’ll shoot for 30". This will actually be the biggest challenge of all my goals.

20 Pull ups/Chin Ups

This will work well together with the waist thing. Actually, I’d like to get to the point where I could do a muscle up (never could do those in college, even during my gymnastics days). Since I’ve been able to surprise myself surpassing previous life goals last year, I figure this one should be good too. Don’t mistake my nonchalant writing for lack of focus on this goal. My BIBLE DRILLers were astonished I could to any pull ups this past summer!

DB Snatch 150 lbs

This is my all time favorite thing to do, probably because I got so much respect in my gym from huge guys who said they could never do it. I topped out at 120 before, for a single rep on each side, but my real goal is to get a picture of myself with 150 lbs over my head!

To see abdominal muscles

Even at my leanest in College, I never could see the six pack or anything remotely similar; just two columns of ab muscle. Maybe I don’t have good genetics for it, but I’m going all out. Again, not easily measurable, but like art - I’ll know it when I see it.

Bent Press 200 lbs or body weight

I’ve been informed that this is, perhaps, a little unrealistic (especially since I want the much smaller waist), since it is generally referred to in local circles as a young man’s lift. Sadly for me, I never learned to listen to that kind of good advice.

Bench Press 315 for reps/225 for 20 reps
These are kind of the same thing, but for the sake of my aging joints, if I can pull of 315, I will immediately figure how many I can do at 225 and work at increasing that for future PRs.

Squat 500 lbs

Cause it’s a big number.

Possible other incidentals:

I’m considering also the following…

Tear a phonebook in half (always wanted to be able to do that)
close the Captains of Crush #3
Bend more steel thingys
Heightening lower body flexibility to near splits level (once my legs are stronger again)

I’ll let you know which one I land on in about 4 months, once I can take an account of my progress towards the above health and strength goals.

Well, there you have it. Nothing new, but what is.