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300-400g Protein Per Day?

I dont have the link but a few days ago on utube Dr Scott Connolly who invented met RX, did a talk on protein. He is pushing a new protein supp but it wasnt pushed hard at all from what i saw.

Anyway he mentions a calorie isnt a calorie and if one can get up to 400grams per day they will lean up and have a recompositioning effect. He mentions to get to 400grams a day one will need a protein supplement and i agree. He didnt mention restricting anything else.

Last few days of getting in 300-400 grams of protein through food and supps, i think it would be hard to even feel hungry and im eating on average about 4000cal a day. To early to see changes on the scales or appearance but definitely not hungry. I will keep this going for awhile and see what happens to my body composition.

Has anyone else jacked up their protein intake and not been restrictive and been able to recomp on this type of schedule? Im not talking contest shape, just lean up and lose body fat. I can see it would be hard for some to eat that much protein plus other food.

Interested to hear from those who have actually tried it.


Seems like all that protein is unnecessary and would cement your insides shut.

If you have a decent amount to lose, your best bet is to eat minimally processed foods, high fiber and high protein, about 1-1.2g per pound of lean body weight. Also stop drinking calories or diet drinks. Drink water only.

I always eat a couple cans of black beans per day with lean meat and that fills me up pretty quick.

There is only so much protein that your body can use, beyond that it gets gets converted to glucose and burned for energy or stored as fat. What you are talking about is more like a strategy to control appetite and caloric intake because if you eat that much protein there won’t be room for much else.

There is logic in this if approached correctly. By lowering/eliminating carbs and relying largely on protein for energy, you force the body to up gluconeogenesis. This, in turn, provides an alternative source of glucose as well as burns more energy due to the conversion. That’s why some folks often remark that a gram of protein does not really have 4 calories.

I personally have never gotten as high as 300-400g on a regular basis, and would probably err on the side of caution about doing it for any longer than a few months. However, if you listen to people like Dr Shawn Baker, folks are putting huge amounts away with no issues.

The importance of bearing this in mind when evaluating his recommendations cannot be overstated.


He’s pushing a new protein supplement, but it wasn’t pushed hard at all.

Anyway, you apparently need a fuckload of protein and it’ll have all these awesome effects, but to actually get up to 400 grams of protein, you’ll need a supplement. A protein supplement. Like the one he’s pushing. That you conveniently need to reach the threshold he wants you to reach.

C’mon, dude.


I say it wasnt pushed hard because i think the name of his new company was mentioned twice and not by Connolly, who just spoke about protein metabolism. I know he is trying to sell the supp but it was rarely mentioned. If you just try to eat whole food to get 400grams it would be harder to accomplish. Honestly dont give 2 hoots about his product, but i am interested in how 400grams a day would go.

Ive used many low carb type approaches but never pushed the protein intake that high. It would mostly be around 100-150grams of protein. With 400grams a day of protein in your diet there isnt much room for much of anything else. Protein uses the most calories to convert it to fat or carbohydrates if its in excess but Connolly had studies showing this extra protein wasnt turned into fat but burnt off. I will keep it going for a week and see how i feel.

Seems totally unnecessary -pro bodybuilders shoot for like 300g alongside heavy training and a ton of gear.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if going that high(400) would start to piss of your kidneys and digestive system etc if you persevered with it for a sustained period of time

Posting these videos as this is what i saw the other day i thought was interesting. If its true or not i have no idea.

Aight, let’s break this down. You’re making a Youtube video Get someone else to mention your brand new product X. Then you can tell them about how they need X in their lives, because X will give them A, B, and C, but they might need a product to get X. You go out intending on getting A, B, C, and remember, you’ll need a product. Sheesh, silly you, product X is available! Hell, the guy barely even mentioned his product, can’t be a money grab!

Alright, that was fun, now let’s break down what happened in the video:

Scott talks for a long time, wearing a MYOTROPICS.com hat, which may be the least aesthetically pleasing logo ever featured on an article of clothing.

Then, pretty much right at 12:00 in the video, the guy running the show (may be someone noteworthy, may just be a guy from RxMuscle, not sure) plugs the crap out of his product, but despite the high praise this guy gives Scott’s product, it is NOTHING compared to what Scott says when it’s time for him to endorse his product:

“Well, again, if your goal is to enhance body composition in the direction of more lean mass and less fat mass, there really is only one strategy you need to follow, and the nutritional constituents that affect that strategy are all contained in this product.”

Damn, so not only do I need product X to get A, B, and C, but it’s pretty much all I need - the rest is self explanatory.

So, there’s some good info in the video, combined with a lot of really heavy marketing strategies, but the main thing that I got out of all of this, is that if I ever decide to market anything in the future, I’m hittin’ you up, bro.


My plain brand protein powder is different to the colourful branded protein powder being sold.
As in the heading of the title, my main interest was if people have tried 400g of protein and noticed positive body composition effects. Not if product a, b, c or x is a magic pill.

In my other posts ive mentioned that i cant see alot of room left for other food if one is eating 400grams of protein. Maybe it works through killing ones appetite i have speculated. I haven’t raved on about any particular product other than to say a protein powder would make it easier to get to 400grams of protein compared to 400grams from whole food sources.
So if you havent used 400grams of protein a day for any reasonable length of time, why bother answering the question. Instead you take the thread off in a different direction altogether.
So you cant understand the question asked and you’re an expert on everything even though you have no experience with it. As i said right from the start, im interested to hear from anyone who has tried it ie 400grams protein per day.

  1. Admitted there was good content in the video
  2. Didn’t offer any evidence in the affirmative or to the contrary, so not sure where you got that I implied I was an expert
  3. Just let you know that you offered a disclaimer that the product wasn’t pushed, when it was rammed down my throat in less than a quarter of an hour
  4. I recently completed 6 weeks of eating 12 eggs and 1.5 lbs of beef every day for 6 weeks (BTM)
  5. I’ve been eating nearly 2 lbs of meat with virtually no carbs every day for 5 weeks (Deep Water)

Basically, I’d have said nothing if you’d not made sure to explicitly mention several times that the product was not pushed hard. I subscribe to the high protein philosophy, and have no plans to change my views. I shy away from, and caution others, concerning a philosophy that requires taking so much protein that the advocator admits that you probably won’t even be able to eat enough whole food to get there, while telling you that his product has everything you need to get to where he tells you you need to be.

TL;DR: Don’t be butthurt about this bro, no hard feelings towards you, a lot of people who haven’t consistently taken in 400g/day have commented and you haven’t told them to butt out, so try taking a step back and looking at the content behind the video that piqued your interest.

You were being an arsehole about it and others who made comments werent. Your an intellectual knob squeezer in ya mama’s basement.

That’s me. Was only busting your balls a bit, don’t know anything about you outside of this thread, but good luck with your lifting journey, bud.

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I disagree, but maybe you are not familiar with @flappinit. He wasn’t putting you down, he took time out of his day to write a detailed breakdown on what to you doesn’t come across as a marketing ploy is by all appearances a marketing ploy.

FWIW, I have ingested 300+ g of protein, and yes, I do tend to recomp then but I think that’s because there is something askew with the bioavailability of protein powder. Me and @MarkKO and a few others have talked about this in the past.

It’s doesn’t strike me to be solely a consequence of the thermogenic effect of using protein for energy through gluconeogenesis but could just as easily be that the powder and all its artificial constituents (sugar alcohols) kill parts of your microbiome making you less adept at digesting food so it’s making the calories you take in not be absorbed as efficiently.

Not everyone is out to get you. If anything, the person most in your corner is @flappinit here who is trying to educate you. You haven’t posted in five months. Take a breath and give people benefit of the doubt when your not actively engaging with the community, lest you mistake someone’s tone as adverse. Which you did.

Finally, I didn’t watch the video but if that’s Scott to the left I don’t think he looks particularly recomped.