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300/400/500: How Long Did it Take You?


Or anything that equals something close to what that total would give you. I'm getting real close to these numbers so I'm asking to see if this is something I should have had some time ago. If I should have, I'm going to look into what I might be doing wrong.

I'm not quite there, but I have a box squat of 345 x max, 215+mini-bandsxmax, haven't done any heavy pulls in the last month and a half; last tested at 435 a couple months ago.


I got a 1400 pound total after about a year of powerlifting, but I was lifting weights for many years before that.


I'm 18, and have been lifting for about three years. I started powerlifting about four months ago. My total is around 1050 (350/300/400) and on the rise.


I started working out about two years ago, but I didn't know about PL. I'd say it took me a year of "working out" and a year of "training" to get to 1246 w/ 452/331/463.


I'm looking to put up 550/450/300 at my first meet in Nov. Been lifting for quite some time, but just started getting into powerlifting in the past few months. A lot of it is where you started, some of us lifted for years prior to engaging in powerlifting, some started out powerlifting. Some of us had great mentors, some didn't. In short, who cares if you could of reached it faster, sure it's good to learn from mistakes and see where you can improve, but ultimately your experience will be different from anyone else. This is the great thing about lifting. It's you verse the bar. Ask yourself a question:

Are you progressing?
If yes, keep going until you're not, analyze what you could do different or better, reset then go again.
If no, analyze what you could do different or better, reset then go again.






calf raises/chest press machine/leg press duh

but really, 550/450/300, dead/squat/bench


If you are going to start calling yourself a powerlifter, it's always squat/bench/dead, the order in competition.


The things I don't know. See it's my first meet coming up. So technically I'm not one yet.


It's cool, I'll show you the secrete handshake later.


I totaled 1305 with 450/300/555 in my first meet after 12 weeks of powerlifting training. Before that I was a crossfitter.


i think it depends on how much you weigh too, I'm sure a 300lb lifter can total 1200 allot faster than a 123er. With that being said, i hit around 1175, 2 years after beginning powerlifting @148, and 1260 2.5 years @ 165. I had been lifting for 3 years mainly bench and bicep curls before getting into squats/deads.


Should be about 2 years for me, squat is the one holding me back


as of now
roughly 314/242/418 with about a year of PL training and a year of messing around at 181
looking for 405/275/505 by january and at minimum 430/303/543 in may and that will be 2 years PL training


I got serious about lifting in september of 2006, I hit my first 405 squat in december 2007, my first 495 deadlift in february 2008 and it took me until april 2010 to finally crack 300 on the bench


It took me about a year of serious lifting (of which, 7 or so months were "smart(er)") to hit 275, 405, 515, so 2 out of 3.

Astar, I have a similar predicament as you (bench sucks), I'm just curious.. why did/does your bench suck and what did you do to push it over 300?


I think the two main things leading to my lagging bench were attitude and leverages. The squat has always been the lift I'm most invested in and I would go into squat workouts with a killer instinct, I knew my rep PRs and was meticulous in my training plans. I was more lackadaisical with my bench, I didn't have a set plan, I would miss workouts here and there, bounce between different ideas, ect.

I'm also pretty tall (6 feet) and was around 200 pounds with longish arms and legs which led me to be a pretty good deadlifter but didn't help my bench.

Recently my squat has been stuck in a rut and I've been more focused on bench, I fixed some technique issues I had (widened my grip, got on my toes, improved my leg drive and learned how to flair my elbows properly on the way up which helped tremendously in locking out)

I also got more focused on my training and started to pay more attention to how my workouts went and was consistent in training my bench. I started doing board presses and I think they have helped me tremendously just in terms of making PR weights feel light.

Oh yea I also gained about 20 pounds which didn't hurt


Hm... ok, thanks a lot for the detailed response. It's given me some things to consider giving a try lol.


i was powerlifting training for about a school year to get to around a 1200 pound total. Now im sitting at 675/350/606=1,631, after lifting for about 14 years.


Competing for 3 years.

First Comp - 175/140/225kg - 540 @ 90.1kg (1193 lbs)

Last Comp - 260/200/272.5 - 732 @ 107kg (1618 lbs)