30 Yrs Old. Which Blood Tests to Get?

A little background: was avid T Nation reader and lifter in college, spend some time in Navy, unfortunately parted ways with the T lifestyle and became a pack a day smoker, a nonlifter, and a poor eater (was on a submarine).

Fast forward to today: Working a regular job and getting back in the gym. Feels like coming home. Gains have been nice lately. Down to about 3 cigarettes a day and running 5Ks in about 25 min (yeah, pretty slow).

I just turned 30 and want to check my health. I’d also like to see how much damage I did in the last few years with the stress, cigarettes… basically a low T lifestyle. I’ll probably run these tests again in about 2 years and see the rate of improvement.

So I’m looking at asking for:

Triglycerides, LDL, HDL, Cholesterol

Are there any other tests you think I should consider? Much appreciated

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yes, check TSH and estradiol, sensitive as well.