30 YO w/Low T Sent to Endo for Further Testing

Hey guys,

New here. I went to a age management specialist for multiple symptoms including body fat around my mid section, low libido, limp noodle in morning. It’s long story but I’ve had other testing done such as mri due to dizziness but it came back normal. They think it’s a loose crystal in my ear and it makes sense because I get the dizziness only when I tilt my head back or lay on my left side. The part that has me worried is I get shaky if I don’t eat enough throughout the day or hydrate enough. Anyways… here are some of my labs.

Cortisol 14.4
Igf1 188
Test 300
Free test 20.4
LH 9
Prolactin 41.1
DHEA 827
SHBG 26.7
Estradiol 26.1

So my test is on the low end of normal. My prolactin is high due to some meds I take and my dhea is high but not sure why, probably from my diet.

So I was sent to an endo for further testing, he wanted to do another blood test and also an mri of my head. I declined his treatment because I am a little low on money and I just recently had an mri done at a different facility for the dizziness.

What are your guys thoughts on this? Should I go through with his testing? I am 30 yo male, 228lb and 18% body fat and want TRT so I can get the body I deserve and Increased libido. Thanks

I also have been getting dizziness upon lying down or getting up from lying down and just did some lab testing and Total T is 276 (on TRT), these symptoms weren’t present a month ago when my Total T was measured at 473.

I’ve also been getting shaky and feel horrible if I skip a meal. I’m a diabetic so my next question is what are your fasting glucose and A1C results?

Normally when LH is on the higher end and Total T on the lower end, this is testicular failure or something is interfering with the testicles ability to function normally.

Prolactin can decrease testosterone, antidepressants can lower testosterone and increase prolactin.

It would be useful to provide reference ranges.

The MRI for the pituitary is performed with different technique than what was done to evaluate your dizziness. You are describing benign positional vertigo. Google Epley’s Maneuver. Surprised they would jump to an MRI given what appears to be an obvious causation, but I don’t know the entire story.

Sounds as though you would benefit from testosterone, but you need to get your blood sugar and whatever other issues you have resolved.