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30 YO, T #'s, Need Advice


I am 30yrs old, 205 and walk around at 9% bf. I had been feeling fatigued and depressed for over a year and I decided to get my test levels checked. Here are the results of the Hormone portion of my labs.

dhea 401 range 160-449 ug/dl for my age
Estradiol 11.3 range 12-42.6 pg/ml
Estrone 43 range 12-72 pg/ml
HSHBG 55 range 10-80 nmol/L
Serum Test 350 range 200-800 ng/dl
Free Test 4.98 range 4.7-24.4 ng/dl says it was calculated

tsh 2.01 .27-4.20
t3 76 80-200 ng/dl
t4 1.15 .93-1.7 ng/dl

My test seems moderate, but my free test seems way low. However it says it was "calculated". Any ideas on this?

Doc recommended I start with 200mg test cyp once every 2 weeks and 50mg clomid 3x a week. Just looking for some recommendations. I have been "clean" my entire life and hate to alter my hormones, however, feeling like crap is NOT an option.


Google "shippen SHBG chart". FT is measured by TT and SHBG. This will answer your question about the calculation.

Thyroid is already suspect. Get LH/FSH data BEFORE!!!!!! beginning TRT. If you are secondary, fixing other issues (like thyroid) should bring your T back up.

Get more lab tests. They are listed in the blood testing sticky.

200mg/T every two weeks may put you on a hormonal roller coaster. Read through the protocol for injections sticky and see if you can get your doctor on board with that.

You have a lower BF%, but keep an eye on your estradiol. You may need an aromatase inhibitor in the future.

hCG to keep the testes functional and to prevent atrophy.


I went ahead a got a shot and have done a few days worth of Clomid. Can I simply quit all this for a few months and get those labs done for my LH/FSH?

And in the mean time jump on a thyroid med? She was suggesting Armour 30mcg a day.


It makes it nearly impossible to know exactly why your T was low without LH/FSH data. TRT can be a hard road. For some, it's a road that must be traveled for life. For those who can avoid it, anyone who has been there would suggest that they do. I think now it's up to you if you want to find out why you felt unwell, which means stopping TRT now and waiting longer, or simply feel better for a little bit and find out later.

If you choose to continue, you will need to find an aromatase inhibitor quickly, or you will feel better for a bit, quickly followed by feeling terrible when your estradiol rises, which it will on your protocol.

Both exogenous testosterone AND clomid will make your estradiol rise.

Depending on your choice, I would immediately ask your doctor to prescribe anastrozole for you. If they are unwilling, google "anastrozole research chemical".


How long do I need to quit for before I can get my LH/FSH tested? Is that the only other thing that you would suggest I get tested? Do I need to follow any protocol to come off the test and clomid?

Thanks for the help


The math is complicated and involves several half-lives. You've only had one shot, correct? You will be at the mercy of the requesting physician, but I would say one month from now you should be fine to get LH/FSH data.