30 Years Old with Low T

Hey guys it’s nice to be part of the group. I was diagnosed with low T in 2017. I believe my levels were a 247. I wanted to try and fix it with diet and Exercise. Well a month ago I got checked again and was at a 137 and my free T was 27. I decided to finally start treating it. The doctor wants me to take .8 of cyp twice a week and a shot of hgh every night at .1 cc. He also gave me thyroid medication but I’m not sure if I wanna mess with my thyroid. What do you guys think of my thyroid levels? He didn’t say it was low he just said it was borderline low.

By .8 do you mean .8 total? 160mg per week broken into 2 .4ml shots? If your test is 200mg per ml .8 twice a week would be 320mg. That is quite high.

.8 twice a week. So 1.6 total.

You are not answering the question. 1.6 what? What’s your dose? It’s in mg. You keep giving a volume not a dose.

200mg per ml is pretty standard. If you are taking 320mg per week that is unheard of as far as TRT dosages go.

You don’t need 320mg/week, especially not first starting out. A lot of people feel worse with dosages that high than they do with around 150-200mg/week.

210mg/week has me over 1500 total T just to give you an idea how it works on me. You could be different, but I highly doubt you’re THAT much different.

I think you need to find a new place. Do not take the anti E and I think most people should start out with T only. No HCG. It does not sound like they are very up to date on the latest/greatest treatment protocols… You’re basically on small steroid cycle levels at this point. If you want that high, go for it… but I wouldn’t start out there. Get dialed in on something simple. 150-200mg/week, then if you want to do a blast and go up higher later then go for it then.

Yeah I’m interested to see next bloodwork. I’ve been wondering why my strength has gone crazy lol. I feel great but I’ve only been on it for 3-4 weeks.

Do guys still cycle while doing trt? If so how does that work?

It would be referred to as Blast and Cruise, and is more generally a topic for Pharma