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30 Years Old, Test Level 304

Am not sure about that. Most of us on this forum inject and we got issues. Remember we are on a body building site. Many have done steroids. And inject is there way. I know there are studies that day Injections are better. Am sure they’re are studies and Dr testimony that gels provide more natural levels.

There are many guys on gels. And I believe at this point it’s not all about :moneybag: that Drs prescribe gel because they are available generic now and much cheaper esp if insurance covers.

I know this is from a guy injecting. But I read alot. As we all do.

I was prescribed 25mg of clomid a day for 30 days. After the 30 days I will have my levels checked. The endo thinks shift work is to blame for the low t and thinks 30 days of clomid will “fix” it. Read the HTPA restart sticky. I have a lot a reading to do. Not sure if I even wanna try it. If I do I will prolly do 25mg Or 12.5 every other day.

I work rotating every set continental 12s. I’ve been on them for 5 years now. Since starting them it has been nothing but down hill. They definitely play a part especially if you flip flop often. Worst thing I ever did but money is good and have two kids to feed. It just beats you down slowly.

@systemlord im similar to this gentleman as well i’m 33 and had a TT of 261, 301 on separate blood work.
My doctor knows zero I mean zero about trt (I asked him what kind of testosterone he was putting me on and had no clue other than by the drug name delatestryl which I looked up to be testosterone Ethan. He gave me 200mg for first four weeks to see what happens as he finally ran out of psychiatric meds to give me. I don’t know really anything about trt I was always back when I was 19 20 years old just load up some test and EQ and away we go. Never worried about estrogen or anything. Saw your post previous and will get blood work done with your stated tests to post. Wondering you think its good to start trt with no estrogen control. Bad high or low? I did first injection 200mgs three days ago of test E. I will be splitting injections up moving forward to twice a week 100mg each as on my previous experience it is WAY better no dips or rips

So your doctor wants to put you on a protocol called 'let’s try this and see what happens because that works! [Sarcastic]

Sadly your doctor can’t just go on the internet to find out what to do, that’s what guidelines are for and they are outdated.

Now you know why these forms are full of men looking for answers.

100mg twice weekly is too much, more like 50mg twice weekly.

Took clomid 25mg eod for 2 months. Total t went from 300-536 free t 1.6. I feel freaking great. Only negative was I gained about 10-15lbs Despite activity and calorie intake remaining the same. I’ve been off for a week and starting to feel like low t symptoms returning. Emailed the doc asking if she can do nova 25mg ed. Maybe Ill get less weight gain w that. O

Just imagine how you would feel with optimal levels. There are things that can be done to increase your chances of conceiving on Test (hcg and fsh injections) . If that fails you could always come off and do a restart while trying to get pregnant.