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30 Years Old, Test Level 304

I went to my doc last week for my “yearly” physical (last one was 5 years ago). What brought me in was I had ADD as a kid and wanted to talk about getting meds. Lately I have a major lack of focus, concentration, memory loss etc. (been off the add meds for at least 15 years. Also haven’t been able to sleep for more than 3-4 hours a night. my libido has completely disappeared. I have no desire for sex at all which I contributed to the lack of sleep. Also been borderline depressed, have no motivation at home or work and extreme fatigue where no amount of caffeine + ephedrine help. My work performance is way down and I been calling off sick and taking extra days off. Short tempered and irritable even with my children (ages 2 and 4). I figured this was all just part of winter blues, working night shift for the past 10 years and I just finished up a pretty hefty cut. Brought my cals up and up’d my fat but doubt that can help my test levels much. My primary doc blames caffeine and said my levels are fine then gave me Vyvanse for ADD. I felt great on the legal speed for 3 days but now I feel nothing and I’m back to blah. Going to see the TRT doc tomorrow. I feel like the TRT doc is just gonna think I’m some gym rat seeking legal roids. I never even touched a PH. I feel like shit 24/7 and just wanna get back to normal. What can I expect from the TRT doc? Can my the weight loss be to blame for the test levels? or over training? I’m freaking lost and just wanna get back to normal…

We’ve all been there in one form or another brother. When you get your hormone profile fixed, it will change your life. Its not instant and it make take more than one Dr and a lot of trial and error but dont give up. Just so you know you’re not alone, read some this this thread.

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These medications you’ve been taking have been known to cause low testosterone and is why I’m on TRT in the first place. I have ADHD and Tourette Syndrome as a child and have been on prescription medication since the age of 12 up until 3 years ago when I had crushing fatigue and I have been overweight the entire time I was on those medications.

Vyvanse gave my fatigue midday, over time this fatigue can lead to health problems. Now that I’m off of them and on TRT I’m losing weight quickly. Odds are your endocrinologists will be TRT ignorant and I doubt your visit and treatment if prescribed will go well at all.

Replacing hormones is preventive medicine, it goes against the politics and economics driven by big pharma and is why few doctors are skilled at TRT. Endocrinologists specialize in diabetes and thyroid, not TRT because it’s preventive medicine and that’s not what mainstream medication is about.

That’s my fear… I have only been on the Vyvanse for a week. Other than that I am med free. Any advice on what to say at my apt to help my odds? I don’t really want to be on TRT but I do not want my quality of a life to suffer.

Hold on a moment, you don’t want to inject a natural hormone that our bodies evolved to process over millions of years, yet you are willing take a drug or chemical not natural to the body which is why there are side effects because the body treats the chemical like a virus.

You body doesn’t need Vyvanse, it needs testosterone. When testosterone is low so to is concentration, Vyvanse treats the symptoms and not the cause. The reason for needing Vyvanse is because testosterone is low.

noooooo not like that at all! What I meant is I would rather not have to rely on anything. I wish I could fix this with something as simple as diet. I would choose testosterone over Vyvanse and big pharma 1000 times over!! Im in a freaking fog bro

You and me want the same things, but I want optimal hormones until the day I die.

agreed. I never felt like this in my life. Its freaking horrible

Take this time to educate yourself because odds are your endo will be of no help at all, telemedicines clinics are becoming popular, I joined Defy Medical since none of my endo’s had any clue.

thanks for the heads up

Oh now I get it, you havent ever had a good Endocrinologist so you think their ahem study makes them blind to the realities of TRT…
Get a grip

I don’t think you’ll ever get it as long as you have that attitude. There are studies out there that show a large percentage of men who go on TRT quit because androgen therapies are poorly understood by the majority of doctors and big pharma is to blame as hormone optimization isn’t popular in mainstream medicine.

Hormone optimization is a part preventative medicine, that’s why TRT is so poorly understood and why men have great difficulty finding knowledgeable doctors.

I’m here to help others and guide them, so far all you have done today is attack me.

Therefore I’m not the one who needs to get a grip.


Endo ordered another lab tomorrow morning and then wants to start me on clomid

A clomid protocol of 50mg ED tends to be prescribed a lot and is often too much, 12.5 -25mg EOD is a better starting point. Some do well on every 3-4 days. Clomid is a short term solution as many who stop Clomid see levels fall right back down to previous levels, then you would need TRT.

She started talking about androgel at first but then asked if I am done having kids. I said no and then she was all about clomid. Like there was no going back after the talk of kids. She made it sound like I will be on hormones for the long run. start with clomid then eventually go to gel and then injections

TRT is for life, you never come off. The majority of men don’t absorb T-Gels at all, it’s only enough to shut down your natural production down and once that happens you go right back to feeling like you did before starting TRT.

I would avoid gels entirely, with injections you don’t have to worry about absorption. If your doctors offers 200mg every two weeks run don’t walk out of the office because it doesn’t work and clinical studies show it doesn’t work.

Skip to figure 1, graph B, after 6 days levels drop below the therapeutic ranges.
Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of testosterone ethanate in patients with hypogonadism

Right now I’m just glad they didn’t kick me out of the office bc of my age and size. The whole visit went much better than anticipated. Curious to see what a complete panel looks like and how she goes about treatment. I need to do a lot more research and you seriously appreciated the help.

You’re welcome, a complete panel is included below, I don’t expect all tests to be run. It’s very rare we get guys coming in here with complete set of labs.

Total T - Bound to SHBG therefore not bioavailable
Free T - bioavailable testosterone, this is the stuff that makes all the magic happen
Estradiol Sensitive (E2)
LH-Luteinizing Hormone
FSH-Follicle stimulating hormone
Thyroid Panel
CBC-complete blood count
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Lipid profile/panel

yea she only listed off like 4 or 5 of those.

TS here as well( mild) I don’t know if it’s just timing but I feel my to has lessened since starting trt. Wonder if there’s any corelation.