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30 Year Old Male - 108.1 Total T. Help?


Full on green horn when it comes to all of this TRT stuff. Long story short, my friend who is going through BUDS in the Navy mentioned to me that his T was low and he has now been on TRT 3 months ago. Even though he is super gnarly alway been a little sensitive and kind of laughed at him about it. I went to the docs a while after and was getting labs done and asked them to run my T for shits and giggles. It came back at 305 total which i was told was very low for my age. I was a pretty heavy drinker and am now 3 months sober and thought it was just an unhealthy lifestyle at the most.

Now fully sober and aware of how i actually feel, opposed to putting everything in the “I’m hungover category”, i don’t think i am where i should be. I went to the doc again and they ran my T again, this time coming in at a whopping 71.31 total with a T4 Free 1.59. She thought this 100% had to be lab error and ran it again, came back at 108.1. I know i need all my labs for this to work proper but i was not provided them.

My doc sent me to an endocrinologist and i had a full real report ran today and will be awaiting results. I am 175lbs and even not being that active in my drinking days never gained weight and always stayed skinny fat. I have definitely lost some weight with the no boozing but am tripping that all my symptoms might just be low T. I constantly am in a state of anxiety and social anxiety without beer is a constant, tired, zero motivation, can’t concentrate. I have been told that this could also be a symptom of low T.

Even in my gym 4 days a week stage for some time, i never gained but always cut. I have heart palpitations that i am working on with a doc that make me hesitant to start TRT and have also heard that it can make anxiety worse. On the flip coin, has anyone every had TRT be that magic bullet that just 180’d your life? My buddy swears its the magic sauce and he has never felt better. I thought i would ask you guys as I am sure you know way more than I. Appreciate any feedback you guys may have. I will post full labs when I get them this week. Cheers