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30 Year Old Body By Beer


I never lift, but I'm about to start.
Here's what I'm working with...




and more


and one last one


Off you go to the Are You A Beginner's thread.


OK go do it :slight_smile: less thinking.talking more doing

Go kick some ass



It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters that you finish.

Get to work. Eat right. Train hard. Stay consistent.


You say here that you are 30 and are going to start lifting. In another thread you say that you had placed an order for AAS. You need to work out for years naturally and work on your diet first and then possibly you could be ready to take the next step.


Hey no fair! I drink beer too and it didn't get me tattoos.

Get to work marry.


I have one word that can motivate you.



Yeah, I know...


I couldn't agree with this more.


Well that's funny because when I went to high school the kids that played football jumped right into it and it seemed to work just fine for them. shrugs???


End Thread Here


I can't even think of a way to express what I'm feeling about this thread. It should be a sticky at the top of the forum saying something along the lines of "What not to do on a bodybuilding site"


blah blah blah...


Look pal, it's one thing to use because you've just about run through your natural potential and you want more, a thing I'm not altogether opposed to. It's quite another to jump straight into anabolics with no experience because you're too lazy and impatient to even take a stab at seeing what you've got.

You don't even know how to train never mind training on gear which you probably also know nothing about. Do it your way. You're cheating yourself and flying headlong into potential injuries and health problems. It's guys like you who wind up ripping a pec off their sternum.


Dude, you look like something I did this morning, while sitting on the toilet.

Seriously, please develop some modesty and go lift some weights. You give the words body and beer a bad name.

If this don't motivate you, nothing will.




You are exactly the type of person that gives AAS a bad name.