30 Y/O Male Widow

5’9. 185 pounds lots of pull ups :shushing_face: upper chest and back my main focus right now

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Curious why you chose to say “30 y/o male widow”.

Couldn’t help but notice your legs are fully covered in every pic so i probably shouldn’t ask your squat numbers.

Haha that also captured my attention widow :slight_smile:

If you are mentioning that being a widow, that you won’t be distracted trying to balance your attention between a wife/girl friend and training. I’d say you’re set to make some good gains.

Not to mention you can’t be both male and a widow.

After typing this, I realized that May have been your point. There’s so much that’s off, it’s hard to pick.

You look jacked, though, OP.

I believe in this age that the use of all descriptors must be asexual. Plus since it seems that some believe a man can get pregnant, I sure can’t find fault that he can’t also be a widow.

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