30 Y/O Male. Low Free T

30 y/o
6’2’’ Tall
32’’ pants
Carry fat around belly. No change.

Health Conditions: I have no erection or sex issues. My issue is that I cannot put on muscle and very very difficult time getting rid of fat. I have been working on this for 15 years. While in High School 15 years ago I was 280lbs and very fat. I’ve spent the last 15 years dieting and working out. I finally went to see a doc in 2012 and got my T tested. It showed low normal total and below range free T. I didn’t have the time to do anything about it then. I just go retested (several visits to the endocronologist over the past 2 months) and same results (low free T, low total T). (labs below)

I don’t use any prescriptions, never been on anything long term.

Basically, Ive been doing everything right. Plenty of exercise, calorie control, etc. 15 years of learning about dieting and exercise and I’m still fat (although a lot less so). I can’t seem to put on any muscle.

I even tried Keto. Ive been doing it for the past 3 months. Some results, but not much.

My endo doc said “you have low free T” and then wanted to put me on a T gel. Didnt even try to figure out if its primary or secondary or why my free T is so low. Uggh.

First page of Labs (latest from this month) are attached to this post as an image. I will reply to my post and attach the second image with is my earlier labs done in Jan 2014. I have bolded the ones out of range.

I want to have higher free T as I think this is limiting my ability to loose fat and grow muscle.

Thoughts? Thanks so much in advance.

Going on T gel seems like a silly first step. You’re total T isn’t bad, even with LH and FSH in the lower part of the range. A low dose of clomid or other SERM would probably boost T considerably.

I’d probably look at thyroid first. Maybe DHEA-s and Vit D. Prolactin is a little high, unless you jerked off or had sex the night before the test. There are ways to lower that if it’s chronically elevated.

I second checking the thyroid. And by keto do you mean you go low carb everyday or do you have at least several days a week where you refeed with carbs? A lot of active people can do damage to their metabolism with low carb diets.

Ok so I created a dropbox folder that you all can see.

It has all my blood work (one more image in addition to above) and some body pics taken every few months since 10/10/2013.

Thyroid is included in the bloodwork. TSH is normal.

I had my RMR/BMR tested in January. RMR came in at 1800/Kcal/day. Slightly low for my age/gender/height but to be expected considering I had just finished 3 months of calorie restricted dieting.

Yes, full 100% Keto diet, no carb refeeds. I do not believe that Keto damages metabolism.

Prolactin… I had lots of sex the night before, and the morning of, so thats sort of explainable.

Would boosting T also boost free T necessarily? Shouldn’t I try to find out why my T isn’t free before I try boosting total?

Thanks for responding!