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30 Y/O Low T, TRT is the Only Solution?


Hi all,
First a little presentation:

30 years old



174lbs (I’ve always been pretty lean, see 4 to 6 packs depending the moment of the year) very hard to gain weight (muscle or fat)

-describe body and facial hair
Very little body hair, facial hair is patchy and sparse

-describe where you carry fat and how changed
Never really change, low back and low abs

-health conditions, symptoms [history]
-Since I have kid (a 6 years old boys and a 3 years old girl) I have been pretty exhausted.
-I got two hydrocele almost back to back two years ago.
-I need to go in fertility clinic for both my two kids. (low sperm count)
-I was a heavy drinker from 16 to 24 years old. Right now it’s like 2 beer a week (one time a month maybe 10).
-No drug abuse, some mary in my youth.
-Last years I broke 3 toes, this year, one toes, got a concussion, many finger strained.
-My main concern right now is I lost libido, doesn’t find it anywhere lol!

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever
-Rogaine for three month to help having a better beard (less patchy) it works. And I stop.

-lab results with ranges
(This is the french version, I will put in english the one I know)
-Leucocytes 4 (range 4.5-11)
-VGM: 88 fL (81-99)
-Erythrocytes: 4.85 (4.7-6.1
-TGMH: 29 Pg (27-31)
-Hémoglobine: 143 g/L (134-170)
-CGMH: 333 g/L(330-370)
-Hematocrite: 0.428 (0.420-0.500)
-DVE (CVGR) 13 % (0-16)
-VPM: 10.4 (7.2-11.1)
-Neutro relatif: 0.439 fL (0.550-0.700)
-Neutro absolu: 1.8 (1.9-8)
-Lymphocytes relatifs 0.449 (0.220-0.440)
-Lympho absolu: 1.8 (0.9-5.2)
-Mono relatif: 0.073 (0.020-0.100)
-Mono absolu: 0.30 (0.16-1.00)
-eosino relatif: 0.034 (0.00-0.50)
-eosino absolu : 0.10 (0.00-0.50)
-Baso relatif: 0.005 (0.000-0.030)
-Baso absolu: 0.00 (0.00-0.20)

-glucose: 4.6 mmol/L (4.1-6)
-creatinine 89 umol/L (57-105)
-phos alc: 105 U/L (38-126)
-AST: 37 U/L (17-50)
-ALT: 43 U/L (13-50)
-CK: 786 U/L (55-170)
-sodium: 140 mmol/L (136-145)
-potassium: 4.3 mmol/L (3.5-5.1)
-chlorure: 104 mmol/L (98-107)
-albumine: 41 g/L (35-50)
-Bilirubine total: 12 umol/L (3-19)

-Lipid profil
-cholesterol: 4.24 mmol/L
-Triglycérides:0.30 mmol/L (<1.7)
-HDL: 2.12 mmol/L (>1.00)
-LDL: 1.98 mmol/L
Non HDL-c 2.12 mmol/L
-Chol/dHDL 2.00 (<6.00)

-Vitamin B12 630 pmol/L (160-680)
-Ferritine: 140 ug/L (16.4-323)
-FSH: 5.7 U/L (1.0-8.0)
-LH 2.2 U/L (2-12)
-Oestradiol 69.7 pmol/L (19.7-242) - 18.98pg/ml

-Prolactine: 11.2 ug/L (<18.0)
-TSH: 0.56 mU/L (0.47-4.7)
-T4 free: 15.00 pmol/L (10.00-25.00)
-PSA: 0.7 ug/L (0.0-4.0)
-T3 free 5.2 pmol/L (3.5-6.0)

-SHBG: 23.9 nmol/L (13.3-88.5)

-Testosterone Bioavailable: 6.68 nmol/L (3.6-11.3)
-Testosterone total: 11.93 nmol/L (9.0-29.0) - 343 ng/dl
-25 OHD Totale: 72 nmol/L (50-125) (I think it’s vitamin D)

-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]
I need to eat a lot just to maintain my weight:
per day:
-6 eggs
-220gr oat
-200ml yoghurt
-200gr blueberry
-425gr sweet potato
-125gr steak
-250gr chicken
-60ml olive oil
-300gr of rice
-5gr brazil nuts
-5gr english walnut
-40gr almond
-300gr spinach
-200gr caulflower

Very clean diet and a little bit less the weekend.

-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]
-Split 5 days/week (45 minutes sessions (4 years of training)), judo 2 days/week, hockey 1days/week. I’ve exclude deadlift since it’s drained me too much. Strenght level pretty basic:
-Benchpress: 1RM 210lbs
-Deadlift:1RM 400lbs
-Squat: 1RM 200lbs

-testes ache, ever, with a fever?

-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed
Always have before, right now very fews.

My family doctor said everything was fine (blood lab for prolactin, testosterone, FH, LH, SHBG I was in the range) so I checked with a second doctor (by email who is at 800km of me) who ask a complete blood panel as you recommend here. The result are up there.

I have read all the sticky here, so I check my morning temperature.
2016-11-10 - Morning 36.4 - Noon 35.8
2016-11-11 - Morning: 36.1
I take iodine salt morning and evening since one years. My outerbrow are pretty sparse. My mom got thyroid problem.

So here I’m, if I can avoid TRT good, if it’s the only option to feel better I will push in this direction.

Many thanks in advance to help me sort all these things out!


I have add the conversion for total T and E2, my doctor want another bloodtest, result will came in next week…


Nobody can guide me? If I need other blood test or something?


You can try a HTPA restart using HCG and a SERM. Some guys do SERM’s to try and restart (clomid, nolvadex) and some use them as a form of TRT, but I haven’t seen very many positive stories about that. Last option would be TRT. All that information is here I believe in the stickies. Your best bet is consulting with your physician though. Good luck.