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30 Y/O, First T Cycle. Want to Take that Cycle to the Next Level

Hi guy! It’s my first post here but im lurking since a while! So here’s my background:
Been training really hard since a year and a half (Been 1 year in jail, drug related charge though. So for a while I was doing mostly pushup/pull up yea that suck right?)

So I am 30 years old. 205 pound, 5f10, 14% body fat
Stats for 5rep:
Deadlift: 365
Squat: 315
Bench Press: 265 (Thanks to the pushup)
OHP: 95 oh yea

So I started my first cycle which is:
Test-e 500mg/week - 2 injection/week
Armidex E2D 0.30mg
Got nolva on hand for the PCT.

Planning to do maybe 16 week cycle? Not sure though at start I wanted to do a 10 week cycle but the point is: I might go back to jail. So I am in a position where I feel like it would be a good idea to be even bigger

I am a month into my cycle. I see absolutely no difference as of now. A bit stronger at the gym but that’s about it.

I am also using adderall on prescription and weed daily + I smoke. Don’t judge me

So here’s the questions:
1.What could I add to my cycle for the last 6-10 week to get to the next level?
2. Any suggestion on the time length of my cycle? Pro and Con for 10-16 week?

Thanks all! Your input will be really appreciated

PS: I started using the Arimidex 10 days ago because I started feeling emotional. Not sure if that was the right choice?

At your age your fine to run longer as your hormones have kinda lowered already not as much to worry about if you were 20 and maybe add in anadrol 50 mg ED to really push the limit if your body handles the test the way you like

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What about Dbol? I am not sure if the use of my AI was necessary as I read everywhere on the forum that it’s might have bad side effect. But with Dbol you need the AI + some liver protection shit. Or winny? If I take winny or Anadrol it doesn’t convert into E2 so should I drop the AI if I take winny or anadrol? Now I am in my week 4. All those oral roid need to be taken for 4-6week max. If my cycle last 16 week would it be ok to start the tablet now and stop them 4-6 week later?

week 1-16 test E 250 twice per week
week 3-16 AI armidex 0.30 E2D
week 5-10 Dbol
week 16-18 nothing
week 18+ nolva

Not once in the history of that sentence has uttering it not resulted in being immediately judged.


You could add dbol that way, yes. But before you do that give the test a few more weeks and see if you don’t start getting some new results.

You’re a month into your first cycle, you’re injecting 500 mg of test a week and you see no difference; sounds like something is very wrong to me. I know some people will say that your blood concentrations won’t see peak levels until weeks 5 or 6 (true), but I know I start noticing significant weight and strength improvements very quickly.

What’s your diet, macros and training like? What are your goals? Are you sure your gear is legit?

If your gear is good, your diet and training is on point and your goal is to get swole then adding dbol will have you noticing significant increases in strength and size.

FWIW, my wife takes adderall and I know it can cause people to not eat, which is very counter productive to gaining weight. Not saying you should stop taking your meds, but you may need to be more diligent in making sure you eat enough.

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Diet is barely OK kind of dirty bulking. When I am on the road which is more than half the week my diet consist mainly of Shish Taouk, Submarine Sandwich and a ton of protein shake like 6-8 a days. But I take only 1 scoop per hour because I read that your body can only process like 10-15g protein/hour (It’s probably not the case when you have test in the roof right?) and yes of course some less good fast food but I am always taking the meal with the most protein.

When I am at home I buy smoked salmon, lot of chicken, lot of egg and obviously my famously known rice tuna meal from prison. You pour a bed of rice into a tupperware, put some hot water, and then you add one can of tuna (30g of protein) + a can of spicy tuna (15g of protein) then you add some peanut butter, mayo and soya sauce (I know soya give oestrogen but it taste good so fuck me right?) Your stir in and here you go. Nice meal in 5 min.

Unfortunately, due to being on the road often and someday I am fasting due to adderal doesn’t happen often but it happen 4-5 time in the last month. Probably need some vitamin supplement too.

For the strengh increase actually I kind of got some increase in my bench. I started doing 235x5-6 and now I am at 265x3-4. I didn’t go up on my squat due to poor positioning (Can’t do ATG, I am barely at knee level.) Tried to lower up the weight but it really feel unnatural and I tend to lose balance. My deadlift, I have issue with my grip need to buy some glove or strap, I know I could lift heavier but I am alway losing grip. And I just got out of jail, so it’s also hard to tell if this is all due to ‘‘Noob gain’’ (Didn’t benchpress/squat/deadlift from sep to march so 6 months.

My squat and deadlift where higher back then but I do think that my movement/positioning is better now.

About my training it’s almost always to failure. And I always do 5 exercise then go home.
day A:
Bench press 5x3
OHP 8-5-5x3
Biceps curl 8x3
Biceps hammer 8x3
Dip 15x3

Day B
Squat 5x3
Leg press 8x3
Calf press 8x3
Abs shit 15x3
Another abs boring exercise 15x3

Day C
Deadlift 5x3
Pullup/Chin up 25-20-15
Lat pulldown 8x3
T-bar row 8x3

But I know this training is not the most efficient. I started reading about 5/3/1 and BBB challenge. So this is what I will start next week.

I know we can’t talk about gear but I will just say ‘‘Syn’’ have plenty of nice review on other forum, pretty sure it is good gear. Well I hope so.

So after all that, my turn to ask some questions !

  1. Because of the fact that I started taking my AI, and the fact that I am not sure it was the right decision, should I go for Dbol instead of lets say winny or var or anadrol? Or what about more test?

  2. If I start taking Dbol, should I start taking it now and stop it after 4-6 weeks? Or should I wait to use it as a finisher?

  3. If I start using Dbol I will need a liver protector but I read here and there that it doesn’t work or it doesn’t worth it. Any opinion?

  4. I read that the body can only process 10-20g of protein an hour (Not sure of the exact number but it’s in those range) how much protein can you process while on test E? 500mg/week

  5. Any tips or opinion on my situation?

You are going to want to make sure you have plenty of time to recover to natural levels before going back to lock up. You say might go back. What does that time frame look like compared to this cycle/pct

I will have time to do a full 16 week cycle and a good PCT for sure

If not I can always hide the nolva in my ass :sunglasses:

This is retarded. Just wait bro get your life together then do these things. And these are words coming from somone with a criminal background so I’m not judging at all.

It’s a bit late to change my mind. Already did my first month of test E and I will have time to do a proper PCT and full cycle. And well I don’t see that much harm about adding a 4-6 week of dbol in the mix knowing I am already taking AI. Knowing it’s gonna be my only cycle for a while I would love to blast + the edge of being bulky in jail. To me it’s seems like it’s totally worth it. But it’s my first cycle so if I am wrong tell me how.

PS: The Nolva in the hole was a joke.

And yea I mean, what’s wrong with adding Dbol?

There is 3 main side with Dbol:

  1. It shutdown your natural production of test. (Well I am using test-e so my natural test is already gone)

  2. Dbol aromatize E2 A LOT. Well it’s good I started taking my AI already.

  3. People like to say ‘‘Your first cycle you need to do only T to see how you will feel on it. So if something is wrong, you will know which gear is causing the harm.’’

Fair point, but if I start Dbol in lets say 2 week, I will have already a good feel of what the test-e do for me after 6 weeks, so if something go wrong I just stop Dbol.

Am I missing something here?

Edit: Oh yea and it’s hepatotoxic so I need liver protection, that’s like the only real bad side to it?

Okay, you really need to get your diet in check. Consistency is key here, you need to make sure you eat enough calories and protein. I would aim for 20 calories per pound of bodyweight and 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. So for you about 4,000 calories with 200 grams of protein. As far as the X number of grams of protein an hour, I believe that’s based on bunk science and completely false. There are better scientific studies that point to 0.82 grams per lb of bodyweight per day of protein intake to be optimal, but that was with non-enhanced subjects. You could do more or less; 1g / lb is just easy to remember.

Count your calories, weigh your food and be consistent. If you’re traveling a lot, pre-prep your meals.

I would probably not take the adex unless you’re having serious sides; like hard masses growing under the nipples. I wouldn’t consider “feeling emotional” to be enough of a side to add more drugs that could have serious consequences, especially to sexual health. I would recommend adding 20mg of Nolvadex per day instead of the Adex first if you are having noticable sides.

As for the dbol, I wouldn’t bother until you’ve got your diet nailed. But if you must; I would wait until the end at this point. You may consider taking a milk thistle supplement to help your liver; but as long as you stay away from other hepatotoxic drugs and alcohol you should be okay.

What are your goals with your training regime? It looks like an overall strength regime, but with relatively higher reps. Also are you doing anything to target triceps, hams or glutes? Do you do any cardiovascular work?

Regarding soy sauce: it’s fermented soy, which doesn’t cause estrogen problems, especially in small amounts. It’s unfermented soy like in soy milk and tofu that can cause problems; especially in large amounts.

Regarding squats: ATG is unnecessary. Breaking parallel (so your hip crease is below your knee) is the powerlifting standard, and what I do. Many top level bodybuilders don’t even go down that low as they feel it targets the quads better. But if you want to go lower, work on some mobility exercises.

Regarding deadlifts: there are many grip options. Straps are great if you’re not a power lifter; it’ll easily allow for double overhand grip so you can reduce bicep injury potential and develop symmetrically.

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Meh… Nothing wrong with doing a cycle b4 jail… I did a cycle b4 i had to do 10days on assault beef… Its fine. Just time it so you kick start yur nuts with hcg b4 u go or youl have achey balls. I enjoy weed & other stuff no judgment. But on yur 1st cycle which should be yur best if diet & wo good no reason u cant throw on 20-30lbs of meat on test only. My first cycle was test only 500 for 12 weeks put on around 25lbs best cycle i ever did…since then been chasing the dragon