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30 Y/O, 210, Lifting About 6 Yrs. 1st Cycle Suggestions?

So I have started my first cycle currently running Test E 250. I have been on it for about 6 weeks and have noticed some huge gains in that span. Planning on starting some anavar. Guys any suggestions/advice?

Yeah, don’t add Anavar if you’re getting phenomenal gains, why try to fix what isn’t broken? Anavar could easily be implemented on a second cycle, remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

I will say though Anavar tends to be harsh on the lipid profile, when I took it (it might’ve not been var, but I got the hardness, pumps, and strength with minimal weight gain one sees on Anavar) at 25mg/day my BP shot way up, so keep an eye on that, some (like me) appear to be (relatively) sensitive to side effects, 250mg of test/wk gives me acne.

Now Anavar does have some unique properties such as the ability to directly aid in the process of lipolysis and (apparently) it increases creatine storage in muscle tissue, I’d go into potential mechanisms however I don’t want to make this post too long to the point that you don’t want to read it. However for a recreational gym goer, Anavar doesn’t really do anything (other than cosmetically) that other, less toxic anabolics don’t do (stimulate protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, decrease amino acid breakdown etc). People always say “Anavar is so mild”, have you seen the blood work people have when on high doses (100mg/day) of Anavar? It’s not pretty… To add to that, mg for mg, with regards to PURE LEAN TISSUE gain, Anavar is a MORE potent anabolic than testosterone, clinical trials have backed this up, however that being said Anavar (despite the lack of external side effects) is far more toxic internally (kidneys, heart, mild liver strain)

So you are running 250mg/week? Please clarify. At 6 weeks you are just getting into the ‘gains’ area of the cycle so enjoy it. I agree with unreal, don’t fix whats not broken. Save the oral for round 2.

How much did the anavar cost? If it wasn’t stupid expensive (like $8-$10 per pill) then it was dianabol or something else being sold to you as a fake.

Anavar is expensive to produce, so anyone selling it cheap is selling fake Anavar.

I appreciate the feedback guys! Well so far I’m pretty stoked with the progress I’ve been seeing with little side affects. I have been doing 500mg a week and that is a split with 250mg on Monday and the other on Thursday. Pretty amazing how fast I seen the gains considering how long I’ve been training for. What do you guys recommend as far as PCT I want to try and retain as much as possible and ofcourse be back to normal as much as I can as a matter as how my health goes. I am planning on taking some Nolvadex anything else I need.

As far as the anavar cost I bought a 100 pill supply for about 80$.