30 Y/O, 1 Cycle. Low T, Very High Estra. HPTA Restart?

Age: 30
Height: 182
Waist: 93
Weight: 183 lbs
Describe body facial hair: all normal
describe where you carry fat and how changed:
Lower part of belly
health conditions, symptoms
I have a splitting headaches throughout a day (morning, evening), it lasts for 3 hours. Libido was somehow very low for two months, but during last five days, libido has increased, but it is really not as it used to be. My breasts really hurt and I have gynecomastia. I am slightly more tired than I used to be. I did not use any TPC.

Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever:
I started stanasol on its own for a month and then I added multitesto 350 GAP and I took it every fifth day (1 ampule) after five ampules I ended the whole cycle immediately, because I did not have any libido. I take ectasy ten times a year and I drink alcohol occasionally. I tested TST, E2, Prolactin and Cortisol on 28.04. at 2 PM
TST- 14.2 nmol/l (6.073- 27.1)
Estradiol- 164.2 (0- 172)
Prolactin- 5.3
Cortisol- 299 nmol/l (101- 536)
(I did new test today in the morning, these ones again and I added couple more, I will post it as soon as the labs results are done)
describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]
In the morning I usually have oatmeals, all ranges of dishes, classic food (soup, main course)
describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]
Four times a week, a classic split (Mo- legs, Tu- chest, bic, Thur- back, Frid- triceps, arms)
testes ache, ever, with a fever?
how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed:
I did not used to have morning wood so often, but my sex drive was through the roof. Now it is so much worse, and the headaches and pain in the breasts are really bad. I would like to do HPT restart. I have read the sticky, but if you can tell me any specific details related to it, I would be very grateful. English is not my first language, can you please tell what should I take, because the sticky itself made some ‘’language issues”.

Hello, I did new labs and please someone just give me advice about it:

18.05.2017 7:00
Retikulocyt Blood 0.005 (0.005- 0.025)
Leukocyt 6.07 10^9/l (4-10)
Trombocyt 230 10^9/l (150-400)
Erytrocyt 5.58 10^12/l (4- 5.8)
Hemoglobin 162 g/l (135- 175)
Hematocrit 0.465 (0.4- 0.5)
Volume of eryt 83.4 fl (82- 98)
stain in ery. 29 pg (28- 34)
Konc. Hb v ery 0.348 kg/l (0.32- 0.36)
Volume tromb. 10.1 fl (7.8- 11)
Span. distrib. ery 11.8 % (10-15.2)

Neutrof. tyče 0.000 (0-0.04)
Neutrof. segm. 0.513 (0.45- 0.7)
Eozinofly 0.014 (0-0.05)
Bazofily 0.003 (0-0.02)
Lymfocyty 0.360 (0.2-0.45)
Monocyty 0.080 (0.02- 0.12)


Glucose serum 4.9 mmol/l (3.8- 5.6)

Liver tests:

ALT serum 0.44 ukat/l (0.05-0.79)
AST 1.20 ukat/l (0.05-0.68) ELEVATED


Cholesterol serum 4.2 mmol/l (2.2-5.2)
Triglycerids 0.87 mmol/l (0-1.46)
HDL- Cholesterol 1.37 mmol/l (0.91-3)
LDL cholesterol 2.4 mmol/l (1.5- 3.36)
Index aterogen. 3.1 (0-4)

Endo. hormones

TSH serum 3.910 mU/l 0.4-4 HIGH
fT4 Tyroxin vol 14.9 pmol/l 11.5- 22.7

Lipid/ apolipoproteins

S_Apolipoprotein AI 1.40 g/l (1.00- 1.90)
S_Apoli B 0.87 g/l (0.50-1.70)
S_Lipoprotein Lp(a) 3.7 nmol/l (<75,0)


S_T3 (fT3) 4.5 pmol/l (2.6- 5.7)
S-Anti TPO < 0.7 kU/l (0.0- 5.6)
S-Anti TG 1.3 kU/l (0.0- 4.1)
S-SHBG 35.6 nmol/l (16.2- 68.5)
S_Cortisol 498 nmol/l (101- 536)

Estradiol 156.2 pmol/l (0-172)
Testosteron 16.4 nmol/l (6.073- 27.1)
Prolactine 10.0 ug/l (2.64- 13.13) High
Folitropin 6.5 U/l (1.27- 19.26)
Lutropin 3.1 U/l (1.24- 8.62)

I have been taking anastrazole 1mg throughout the week, but I experience the same symptoms- splitting headaches, tiredness, maybe my libido is back a little bit, but not as it used to be.

Can please someone tell me what I should I do with elevated liver test AST, please? Should I go to endo and let endo prescribe me something for it? Or Can it be improved only by vytamins? Do you think that taking anastrazole will lower my E2 levels and my TST will jump back?

Can someone please interpret my bloodtest, because Iam kind of lost there. Thank you very much.

AST can easily be high from sore muscles and training without recovery. Have muscles fully recovered for next labs and AST may be normal.

I feel like I have already seen this set of lab results before, with the headaches.
Try taking 10,000iu Vit-D3 and see if that helps. Take 25,000 for first 5 days.

Do not know what stanasol is, but it is meant to sound like
Stanozolol - Wikipedia to deceive. “SAFE & LEGAL Winstrol Alternative”. Some prohormones wreck HPTA for some guys. All the more if natural T is shutdown when not taking any testosterone. We have seen this problem before, some guys are vulnerable to these fake testosterones.

TSH should be nearer to 1.0
fT4 is low, should be at or a bit above mid-range.
fT3=4.5 is low, should be closer to 5.0 [your fT3 range is different from what we normally see]
Your problem may be from not using iodized salt.
Are outer eyebrows thin?
Do you feel cold easily?
Is your hair thinning? - not male pattern baldness

FSH=6.5 is a lot higher than LH. Have you had your testes examined by a doctor. Do your testes hurt? If you ever do TRT, test LH/FSH once again. Both should -->zero, if FSH does not -->zero, may be indicating testicular cancer.

I think that your high E2 is lowering LH, FSH and T. If you lower E2, things might be better. TT is midrange. Suspect that high E2 is increasing SHBG and that lowers FT and increases SHBG+T that is not bio-available and SHBG+T also inflates TT so TT overstates your T status.

Why is E2 high? Suspect low FT and FT–>E2 generation is small which then indicated that E2 clearance by the liver is not good. Some medications can do this. List all medications, off the shelf and prescribed.

Try taking 0.5mg anastrozole twice a week, or smaller doses every other day [EOD, E2D]. Do labs in 4 weeks. If you suddenly feel bad, stop for 5 days and resume at 1/16mg twice a week, because you are an over-responder.


Please evaluate overall thyroid function:
Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

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I do not know how to say this simpler. Google translate?


Hi, Iam back with my latest lab results. I started HCG with the dosage of 250 IU and anastrozole 0,5 mg anastrozole twice a week. After Four weeks I did labs and it came like this: TST: 22 nmol/l (6.073- 27.1), E2 154,4 nmol/l (0-172), AST 1.13 ukat/l (0,05- 0,68) So I was pretty satisfied with the outcome in terms of TST, but E2 was horrible. I had sore nipples, libido was somehow better, but far for optimal.

I added on HCG 350 IU EOD and added anastrozole 1 mg EOD. after 2 weeks the test came with these numbers:
TST: 20 nmol/l (6.073- 27.1), E2: 115,3 nmol/l (0- 172), AST 1.28 ukat/l (0,05- 0,68).
Can you please tell me if my dosages are good? Would you adjust one or another substance? My nipples still hurt, but my libido is better.

Also I really don’t know what to do with elevated AST :/. Thank you for any response!

Can anyone please give me any feedback? @KSman

Again: AST elevated from training. Stop training for a few days before labs to see if AST goes lower.

Why are you ignoring thyroid issues?

You appear to have hCG causing T–>E2 inside your testes. Anastrozole cannot control T–>E2 inside your testes.
Some guys have this problem.
You may be better injecting T and using lower dose of hCG.

You need to be reading my posts better.

Hi, thank you for the reply. I have done some tests lately and I adjust the dosage of HCG 250 IU of HCG EOD and 1 pill of anastrazole with it. My tests are TST 20,8 nmol/l and E2 95 nmol/l (the ranger are the same as in the previous post. Well I haven’t trained for a month and done a test and ALT, AST are still elevated (little higher than in a previous post). Can you please recommend me what to do or what to take to reduce these numbers to normal?

I have also done ionide replenishment based on your recommendation and I lowered my TSH to 2.0 and I ended the iodine replenishment. Should I do something about it too? Or is it a good improvement from 3,96?

I would like to try testosterone therapy, do you recommend me to try the protocol based on your sticky? Or would you do any adjustments?
Thank you for an answer @KSman