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30 with Extremely Low T - 51


YES GUYS 5 1 51...thats my number...my doctor put me on Androgel 1.62% 4 pumps a day 2 on e. upper arm.. im on my 3rd month now , and ive lost no weight, im still so lazy and unmotivated . does it take a lot longer for those things to start comming back? only thing thats back is my erection, thank god.. I have been with out any kind of sex for 5 years , and thats crazy at my age . im a normal good looking guy so theres no reason except i could not preform, and i had no desire. I was like an asexual persion.

BUT now, im waking up erect, in the AM like i did wen i was younger, and now porn actually effects me, and im just getting really horny all the time now and just am masterbating a lot. feels great , but I heard so many other things get better , do you guys think I need more time on it? i mean my number was really low...feedback wud be awesome thanks dudes


Only real way to tell is more blood work. READ THE STICKIES AND TAKE NOTES!
The stickies will tell you what labs need done, etc. Especially read the thyroid sticky (read all of them). Could be low T, could be that some of (or too much of) the androgel is aromatizing to E2 (estrodial - type of estrogen), or could be something totally different.

Get your labs, get a copy of the results (demand a copy if necessary), and report back. In the mean time, follow the protocol in the thyroid sticky for taking your temp in the morning and afternoon.


My levels of T were in the 30s. It took several months of injections before I noticed any change at all; to be honest, my libido never really returned. My "success" was that my blood markers regarding anemia and such resolved themselves. So I think there are two things to take away: first, that it does take more time (up to six months), and "success" can end up meaning different things to different people. I'm still pretty "asexual" to use your term (in fact, that's the exact term I'd use to describe myself too), but it doesn't negatively affect me and I'm fairly happy with my circumstances as far as that goes. But I'm glad to no longer be anemic and have screwed up blood markers on other fronts.