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30 Week Cycle, No PCT. Depressed 4 Weeks Later

4 weeks ago I decided to stop using Test cyp cold turkey no taper after almost 30 weeks. I was running 250ml a week for 20 weeks. My last bottle was 400ml and I did that for about 6 weeks. In my head I was doing like trt. About 1.5 weeks after stopping I was getting really dizzy. I figured I was having withdrawals. I did half a dose thinking it might help me which was 250ml. It didn’t. I continued having headaches and dizzy. i went to Er and they said migraine. Well my head stopped hurting. Few days later my anxiety is out of control. I can’t sleep. I can’t stop worrying. I’m having bad thoughts. A friend of mine said I have crashed. So 2 days ago I did 250ml of sust. To try to get back to normal. It has not helped at all. I feel like I am going crazy!

You feel like you’re going crazy because you completely fucked your body’s natural hormone system. What did you think was going to be the outcome? We exist in a place where our body wants homeostasis. The body and mind can find balance, even in some degree of chaos, but you did several things that were utterly reckless and have done nothing to help yourself recover. Get your shit together and start taking care of yourself. You get one body my man, start treating it like you care about it.


So why did you stop?
Why didn’t you bother with pct?

Your doing absolutely nothing to help yourself what is the question you have that you don’t already know the answer too?

Idk what I need to do to fix myself

Short answer, get back on test.

Second short answer, see a doctor and/or do a ton of research to figure out how to get your endocrine system back in order if stopping is your end goal.

Your test levels are definitely tanked, and going to a TRT clinic to get bloodwork and a long-term prescription is another route.

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You need to figure out what you want.

Why did you stop the self prescribed trt?

If there was no good reason and you can commit for life then get back on.

If not then atleast pct but don’t just sit around and do nothing

I did a shot of sust 2 days ago no improvement

Are you using anything to control your e2? Because testosterone isn’t the only hormone that’s affected by your current experiment.

If you’re done with testosterone and want to go back to normal then you need to do one of two things: go see a doctor and tell him what you did, or get a SERM like tamoxifen and run a pct. Otherwise you’re just randomly throwing testosterone at your system and without consistency your body is going to be all kinds of screwed up.

I always cringe when I see these posts…people have committed suicide because of this shit. One of the number one reasons people get on TRT is because of low T depression.

Look Im no expert nor doctor, but as a friend don’t do anything drastic, those thoughts aren’t real and your life is worth living. In the meantime keep taking the test and the levels will build, take an AI and/or SERM while you await a doctors appointment. ER may be able to help but I doubt it. Keep your test levels up your E2 levels down and take care of yourself brother until you get to an Endocrinologist.

Again your worth it, I wish you the best man, that shit telling you anything otherwise is a temporary crash.

If you need anyone to talk to I will give you my number…PLEASE be safe…this isn’t real its withdrawal.


Thanks buddy! I am feeling much better now!