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30 Total Reps Of 80%?!


like the title says, 30 total reps of 80%!?!?!?! I dont believe i can do that seeing as how thats about 210 lb and my max is 270. maybe i could do that 3 times for a couple sets, but 10 sets? i dont think i could do that. is this strange that my reps are far lower than my max?

im not new to weight lifting, but i am new to SMART weight lifting. anyone care to enlighten me on this? god i hate sounding stupid.


You haven't provided a reference point. Where did you get the idea to do 30 reps with 80%? 80% of what? What is the goal, exercise, and source?

Damn it people, don't post without a reference point.



yeh i figured that would be a problem but i thought it would be understood. i dont know why. anyway, thats from Waterbury's 10x3 method of bench. he recommends 82.5% of 1rm, and i definitely cant do that for 30 total reps. the point was is this wierd or normal, i mean whats the deal. should i be able to complete that workout no problem?


I'm guessing he's refering to 10x3 programs and 80% 1RM. Basically focus on strength with additional hypertrophy.

I can do it for some exercises, but not for others. I have less problems doing 10x3 80% with bench and horizontal rows than with lat pulls. Prob depends on how you've trained your muscles, fiber ratios, and all that.



Waterbury's 10x3?


My guess is you are referring to a Waterbury type workout--10x3??

If you have never tried it before don't pre-freak at the concept. There are some who may have issues with fiber type and particular endurance, but surprisingly, most can do this.

If not, work up to it by slightly lowering your starting weight and then increasing the weight the last few sets. Keep increasing the number of sets you do the 80% weight until you are doing your 10 sets. Then go up 2-5% as prescribed in the workout.

Try it with an open mind and positive attitude. You might find you can do more than you thought. You might find that the only thing holding you back is your predetermined mindset.


well that could definitely be true. im gonna try it first time i get back into the weight room, probably tuesday, and see how i do. if the 80% is too much, ill try lower like around 70-75%, i shouldnt have a problem there.


Sasquatch nailed that one. This is a good method. I started it with my max just above yours and finished 30 lbs. above starting point in about 8 wks. Eat, sleep, and any other recovery methods will become very important.


bro work up to it if you can't make it but stay with it, it's a great method. but do as many sets at 80% that you can. then finish out with compensation.

when i first did 10x3 i couldn't make the squats -only 6 or 7 sets. then i did doubles and singles till i finished. i chose to compensate by doing 2's and 1's rather than lowering the weight. in this case i think max % is more important than the volume.


ps- just to clarify what i posted is what i did and it worked really well. not trying to contradict anyone else's advice or offer 'the definitive'way to go. i'm definitely no coach.


With exercises that I'm moderately advanced in, 10 x 3 at 80% would be extremely taxing. With exercises that I am poor at, its worked wonders in some cases. For bench for example, it would be about 285 for 10 x 3 which would simply be too much. between 4-6 x 3 has worked well for me there. For the squat, I've squatted 445 but it would definitely be overstressing again.

So, for lifts that you are more advanced in, 5 x 3 works well, and add 5 pounds each workout and I'd do it every 4-5 days.

For rows, 10 x 3 would work well, as I'm weaker there, and it really wouldn't be too stressful on my system.