30 Sets a Week?

There is your thread.

You were counting every single warm-up set.


-Ramped every set (usually big weight jumps too, except on some lighter DB stuff and such)
-Started his training cycles light and went heavier and heavier until the cycle was over while dropping reps on his main movements. Rinse and repeat with a higher starting point each time. Basic stuff, not so different from Coan etc in that sense.
Secondary stuff stayed the same in terms of reps I think, not entirely sure…
-Did not always train everything twice a week on a 6 day split either.
He’s done 4-way over 4 days a week, as well as continuous 4-ways (4 on, 1 off, repeat, on a 4-way split) as well.
-Took a week off every x weeks (depends on the split I think)
-And then there’s the not-so-legal aspect of things.

You want to do this kind of thing yourself natty, stick with 2-3 exercises per bodypart or so per session (if doing the “everything twice a week” option), and eat enough to gain a good bit of weight every week while the weights are going up (I dunno, an lb a week or so… Depends on the individual and how you respond in terms of strength gains too… Gain too much bodyweight vs. your gym gains and you get fat… Gain too little bodyweight and that sort of routine will crush you)… And remember that Ronnie did not use the same weight on all his listed sets for an exercise… He added a big chunk every set… Only the last is a real work set usually… Some exceptions are his EZ bar 21’s (useless anyway) and that little machine shoulder superset he did once upon a time.
Oh… And without gear you might want to make days 4-6 actual light days. Depends on how long you want to go per training cycle and how much you can take…

The 3-way split over six days that I remember him using has some problems with low back overlap (obv. about 1-2 exercises per bp. too much for the average natty… Not like you’d need them either) and too much stuff involving the shoulders.