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30 Sec Rest Then Rep Out


i'm trying to get some feedback on a program that was designed for a few friends of mine. the program was designed by a guy who is a professional athlete, has a degree in biomechanics, has been training for years, yada yada... he basically should know his stuff by now. it surprised the shit out of me when i saw it, because a few of the set/rep schemes were something that i'd never seen before.

the workout plan has your basic (if old fashioned) phases of hypertrophy, strength, speed/power. in the speed/power phase, he has athletes doing sets of 30 seconds, racking the weight for 15 seconds, and then repping out with the same weight. he has them doing this with squats and cleans, in the same workout (supersetted with other exercises i might add), 3 times a week, for two different two week cycles during the summer.

just wanted to hear any comments on where he might have picked this workout up from, or if it has any theoretical basis. again, he's a pro athlete, has a solid education, years of training, so at least think about it. feel free to flame, but i wouldn't mind seeing something other than "that guy doesn't know what he's talking about what a loser, everyone knows westside says dynamic days for speed should be blah blah". if you know that it's bullshit and have a reason why it's bullshit, then i'd love to hear it. i'm new to lifting, so am just looking for some informed guidance. i don't want to hear about how you know it's bullshit because someone else says something else is better. i've probably already read 'someone else' article, and as far as i can remember it doesn't contain this type of set. it seems like everyday i read something new though, so just wondering if this could have any merit.



It does seem strange. 30secs rest then rep out will encrease strength endurance, but I don't think it will do much for speed.

I like powerlifting style training for speed. Fast reps, low nr of reps and long rest sets. 2-5mins for complete recovery. Then you can go hard again.

But if it confuses you, why don't you ask the guy? If he says something about how long he's been studying and training and that he knows what he's doing, then you know to maybe go somewhere else. If he discusses it with you and explains what he's going for, judge it on the info he gives you (and post it here too). With his experience he has to know something.

So I wouldn't say he's full of it, there are thousands of workout schemes I've never seen before that work fine. But it does seem to be working endurance more than speed/strength on first look.


It sounds remotely like the Tabata method. I bet it kicks your friends' asses, yeah? It sounds hard.


Sounds like torture to me. It's all good, though. As long as it isn't done on a daily basis, it's fine. Doing this a couple of weeks out of the year isn't going to kill progress, IMO, and it will probably help.


i am planning on asking him, he's in europe right now training. i was planning on asking in some forums anyway so i thought i'd get a head start. thanks for the reply, i'll let you know what he says.