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30 Rep ATG Squats


im 3 weeks into a 4 week lift program and today i did 30 reps as heavy as i could for the third straight week and it was terrible. anyone else ever done anythin this painful/stupid?


Dave Tate?


daves was a 35 rep box squat, but hes probably one of the few to go to and beyond 30 rep squats. i believe he did 315. i olympic style squat, which is totally diff than a box squat. but i didnt do 315 either. i did 260 x 30 ATG


thats brutal and awesome!

much bravery shown there. very wicked my man!

I'm looking to get into the 8 week Hungarian program when I get back to the gym.

I can say I've done mega high reps heading to 100 but that was with 135 in the prime of wrestling season.....and I was 275ish.

still, you are a bad ass, keep it twisted


You failed to post what you consider heavy.

And I do widowmakers every monday adding 5lbs a week, next monday is 210.


Yeah, not to take anything away from dave tate, but those relativley high box squats for 30 reps... then another 5 reps (not 35 reps)... well I just think it was overhyped.

But yeah bro, I've done 20-reppers a bit, but never 30, been thinking about trying 30 though. Gotta be straight murder though!


It was 365lbs and it was at parallel.

It would break most men in half.


People on these forums have done 405 ATG for 20, that's more impressive to me. I didn't see them having a "death squat" video. And I didn't say anything about weight in my first post. I just think that it was overhyped. Impressive? Yes, but I just don't think it desereved the whole vid and "death squat" and blah. But his words and the vid were good, like I said, think it was just a little over the top. Just my opinion, sorry if it offends, but it's my opinion, not anyone elses, so please continue your worship.


I don't know how to call bullshit as hard on this as it deserves.


well my first week i did 30 reps at 225
second week was 245
this week was 260
and next and final week i will got for 270 or 275 depending on how brave im feeling

Im doing the "Prime The Pump Program" which is truthfully brutal. no one i have talked to on here has ever done it or even heard of it.


i did a 42 rep drop set on the hacksquat.


can you send that to my inbox brother?


well i can give you an idea of what it looks like and i have a hard copy i can email to anyone who would want it


Prime The Pump Program

Monday Chest Workout 1 Sets Reps

Bench Press 1x30
Incline Dumbbell Press 1x30
Dumbbell Fly 1x30
Low-Cable Crossover 1x30
Cable Crossover 1x30
Dip 1x5

Lots of abs (your choice)


Tuesday Chest/back Workout Sets Reps


Bench Press 5,5,10,15,20(2)
Incline Dumbbell Press 6,6,12(3),12(3)
Dumbbell Fly 4x 10-5(4)
Low-Cable Crossover 4x 12
-Superset With- (5)
Cable Crossover 4x 8
Dip 1x 50(6)

Back Workout Sets Reps(1)

Barbell Bent-Over Row 1x 30
Lat Pull down 1x 30
One-Arm Dumbbell Row 1x 30
Straight-Arm Pull down 1x 30
Seated Cable Row 1x 30
Assisted Pull Up 1x 5


Wednesday Back/Leg Workout Sets Reps


Barbell Bent-Over Row 5,5,10,15,20(2)
Lat Pull down 6,6,12(3),12(3)
One-Arm Dumbbell Row 4x 10-5(4)
Straight-Arm Pull down 4x 12
-Superset With- (5)
Seated Cable Row 4x 8
Assisted Pull Up 1x 50(6)

Leg Workout Sets Reps

Squat 1x 30
Leg Press 1x 30
Dumbbell Lunge 1x 30
Leg Extension 1x 30
Leg Curl 1x 30
Reverse Hamstring Extension 1x 5
Standing Calve Raise 1x 30
Seated Calf Raise 1x 30
Leg-Press Calf Raise 1x 30


Thursday Leg/Shoulder Workout Sets Reps


Squat 5,5,10,15,20(2)
Leg Press 6,6,12(3),12(3)
Dumbbell Lunge 4x 10-5(4)
Leg Extension 4x 15
-Superset With- (5)
Leg Curl 4x 15
Reverse Hamstring Extension 1x 50(6)

Tri-set: (7)
Standing Calve Raise 6x 15
Seated Calf Raise 6x 25
Leg-Press Calf Raise 6x 10

Shoulder Workout Sets Reps

Overhead S.M. Press 1x 30
Overhead Barbell Press 1x 30
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 1x 30
Bent-Over Lateral Raise 1x 30
S.M. Upright Row 1x 30
Front Raise (8) 1 x5

S.M. Shrug 1x 30
S.M. Behind The Back Shrug 1x 30


Friday Shoulders/Arms Workout Sets Reps


Overhead S. M. Press 5,5,10,15,20(2)
Overhead Barbell Press 6,6,12(3),12(3)
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4x 10-5(4)
Bent-Over Lateral Raise 4x 12
-Superset With- (5)
S. M. Upright Row 4x 8
Front Raise(8) 1x 50(6)
S. M. Shrug 6x 12
-Superset With- (5)
S.M. Behind The Back Shrug 6x 8

Arm Workout Sets Reps

Close-Grip Bench Press 1x 30
Overhead Dumbbell Extension 1x 30
Overhead Rope Extension 1x 30
Rope Press down 1x 30
Dip 1x 5
Barbell Curl 1x 30
Incline Dumbbell Curl 1x 30
Preacher Curl 1x 30
Cable Curl 1x 30
Chin up 1x 5


Saturday Arm Workout Sets Reps

Close-Grip Bench Press 5,5,10,15,20(2)
Overhead Dumbbell Extension 6,6,12(3),12(3)
Overhead Rope Extension 4x 12
-superset with- (5)
Rope Press down 4x 8
Dip 1x 50(6)

Barbell Curl 5,5,10,15,20(2)
Incline Dumbbell Curl 6,6,12(3),12(3)
Preacher Curl 4x 12
-superset with- (5)
Cable Curl 4x 8(6)
Chin 1x 50

(1) Choose a weight with which you can perform the number of reps listed without reaching failing.
(2) Drop set: do one drop set after your 20th rep by decreasing the weight 20%-30% and repping to failure.
(3) Rest-pause: after your 12th rep, drop the weight and rest 15 seconds, then rep out to failure.
(4) Run the rack: choose a weight with which you fail at 10 at ten reps, then drop the weight in 5-pound increments, repping to failure with each drop set, until you get to a weight you can lift for only about 5 times.
(5) In a superset, do both moves back to back without resting.
(6) Perform as many sets as it takes to reach 50 reps, resting as little as possible between sets.
(7) In a tri-set, do all three moves back to back without resting.
(8) Perform holding a 45-pound Olympic plate


1 set of 30 per exercise? that seems kinda odd. Me and my partner used to train a 30, 20, 15, rep style. 30 reps of anything is pretty damn brutal. makes you feel like a bitch doing alternating curls with 25lb DBs. Now we do more of a start off volume to get the blood flow, and then move into heavy to break shit up. We did chest today, with a 20, 15, 8, 6 rep style, which is also pretty effective so far.