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30$ Rehab Tool


heated blanket.

heat it up to max
warm up a bodypart really hot
it becomes super pliable.

you can fold it into a square or a rectangle and lay on it to work your back

or you can wrap it around your lower body like a mummy and sit down in it for a while, then you can work on your hips with a baseball and foam roller.

you could wrap it around one leg, or even drape it like a cloak around your shoulder girdle.

after heating up the area, smash the hell out of it with soft tissue work and stretching.

this is fucking amazing. I stole the idea from my chiropractor. I'm sure tons of you guys have tried or done it but it's a great tool.


baseball in a sock is great to throw behind your back and lean against a wall.

two baseballs taped together is amazing for the spinal erectors.

The most effective way to do all this shit is completely naked.


Excellent idea with the blanket, thanks!


shoulder blade right on a medicine ball on the floor and roll around. Stronger than most massage therapist hands, pinches less than a baseball.

You can take the heated blanket to the next level and use icy hot on it too.


Putting some rice in a long sock and microwaving it is also great for soreness.