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30 Minutes a Day


Hey all. Just started going to school Monday through Thursday at night. Combine that with my fulltime job and I have little time to workout. An after school workout is not optional, nor is a workout between work and school. That leaves me with the morning.

My plan is to start getting up earlier to eat, then workout. My goal is fat loss. I have an adjustable bench at home as well as a full dumbbell and barbell set. I also have a swimming pool.

Can someone recommend a routine that gets the blood pumping and raises the metabolism for the day and takes about 30 minutes from start to finish (40 minutes if necessary)?


By the way, my diet is pretty dialed in. I grill chicken and other lean meat and save it for my dinner between work and class. As for supplementation, I would like your thoughts there as well. H-R Extreme seems like a no brainer? Any other for dropping fat?


Adam, you make this too easy!

If your goal is fatloss and you've only got 30 minutes per day, I'd suggest a combination of hill sprints and vehicle pushing. Both options require LESS than 30 minutes, but will bring home the goods in a big way. Hope that helps to provide some direction...


I'm honored that you replied to my question coach. Can you provide some more details on vehicle pushing? Is there an article I can reference?

Also, are hill sprints as easy as sprinting up the hillside and walking down then repeat? 5 minute warm up maybe?


There's nothing easy about hill sprints, not even rolling back down to the bbottom when you're done.

Simple, yes, easy, no.


You push your car down the block, or as far as you can, and then push it back. simple.


Don't forget to release the parking brake.

Tire flippin' and sled dragging will also do the trick.



Yes, they're as "easy" as that. For even more fun, add a set of pushups at the bottom the hill between sprints. Do hills 3 days, pushes 3 days, then on day 7, take a cue from God, who (alledgedly) rested on the seventh day.



Thanks all. Any thoughts on supplements? What is a great "get up and go" supplement that will help wake me up and prepare me for training? Is HOT-ROX enough?


Lol, Staley is the man. I almost was going to post a paragraph on EDT until I saw Staley's avatar.

So what Staley suggests or his EDT protocol or...


is pushing a truck really that good at burning fat coach?


Yes. And then some.


You can probably do meltdown in about a half hour and it is very good at burning fat. Do a search for it. I am doing it now and it really kicks your ass.


haha. brilliant.

i was attempting to push a stalled SUV out of the middle of the 405 last year. it wouldn't move. then i noticed that the break lights were on. once released, it was much easier to push.

^^^ look at how i spelled "break" lights. wth? haha. who's brilliant now? damn i have to go to sleep.


Tell you what, the worst words I ever heard coming from my Platoon Sergeants mouth were "let's run a mile".

One mile of hill sprints or one mile of HMMWV pushing relays.

Yes, it's a hell of a workout and it DOES shift fat