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30 Minute Workouts


Hey guys, just wondering what are some of the favorite 30 minute and under workouts of yours that have been posted here on T-Nation? I will be having some time constrictions in the upcoming month and would like to know what some of the more effective routines here that fall within that time paramter. Thanks guys!!


Design your own. T-Nation is a way to make us think for ourselves. Give a man a fish versus teach a man to fish... You get my drift. Customize a 30-minute workout according to your specific goals/needs using the intel that's been made available to you. Hope that helps.

Peace be with you!

  1. What are your goals? Maintenance, hypertophy, explosive power, endurance, flexibility training or maximal strength.

  2. Look back @ previous gym log.


OLAD or a variation.

Simple pick one lift and go Do that Mother. Go squat for 20-30. Another day go bench for 20-30, then go chin for 20-30. then go OH press, then BO row, then DL. Do those 6 on a regular basis and hell anything elese you do is just icing on the cake man.


Thanks for the responses guys but I am well aware on how to write a good routine or to simply just go nuts with a couple of exercises and slam them out for 30 minutes. What I was wondering is if anybody has tried any of the routines on here at T-Nation that have worked good and also fell at or below the 30 minute mark.

I feel like going brainless for the next 4 weeker and wanted to just pick one. Who cares about specific goals, as long as my diet is in check and I'm willing to do some GPP any workout will do!


Try something from "Minimal Time, Maximum Workout" by Alwyn Cosgrove
Good stuff when you're short on time.

Also, crazy hard, but for a good FOUR minute workout, try tabata.


Yup the ones listed above are great and again like my other post I suggest OLA
there is a whole thread on guys using this.

Maybe an EDT workout would be good for you as well one or two 15 min PR zones each day?? worked great for me.

Best of luck,


The full body workout in beginner's blast off is also a good one.


abbh1, abbh2, tbt----just a thought.

workouts usually last between 20-40 minutes depending upon whether or not u choose to do any extra work


I agree, simplest way to get a good workout in that time and very effective. Look it up. One Lift A Day (OLAD) ... as long as your day job isn't really physically intense.

If you do overhead squats in there then you get a good ab/torso workout too (at least I find I do).


it must suck to only be able to spare 30 minutes a day to train.


alywn's workouts in that article are pretty hard and are all about 15 mins long.

OLAD is a great one too.

But don't forget about EDT. Just pick two exercises and go back and forth for 15 mins, then pick another two and do the same. Super time-effective.


I disagree. I train for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week, H.I.T. fashion. Prock, try "Old-School Muscle" at http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1006026. It's tiding me over between bodypart specialization routines, or at least until Darden's next H.I.T. book comes out.


A: Overhead Squats 3x3
B: Snatch 10-20 singles (depends on your conditioning levels)
C: Clean & Jerk 10-20 singles

Use minimal rest between singles and you won't need to do any additional energy systems work, this workout will do it all for you.


Wait until you are out of school, married, kids, career etc.

There are some days you will wish you had 30 minutes to train.

Enjoy your free time while you have it. It won't last.

There are tons of good workouts you can do in 30 minutes. As someone already asked what are your goals?


Do you feel better about yourself now?