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30-Minute Workout Ideas?

I was thinking of something similar, but make it more bro splitish.

Squat with leg curls
Bench wirh incline bench
Row with lat pull downs
Ohp with lat rises
Dl with lunges

Focus on decent volume and effort on the first exercise. The second exercice pick a comfortable weight and try to make as many reps as possible in 5 mins for example. Or for a giant set of 50 reps

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That sounds great to me! You could also do lateral raises after bench and incline bench after OHP. That would exercise your pecs and delts twice each week.

I now do leg curls before squats. They wam up my knees, and squats feel very good afterwards.

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A little late, but I think you could get some real mileage out of this 1 or 2 days per week. One barbell, no plate changes, no warmup.
30 minutes EMOM
-power clean
-push press (or strict depending on your ratios)
-power clean
-3 front squats (more or less, depending on your badassery)

That’s 60 power cleans, 30 push press, and 90 FS in 30 minutes. All good physique builders. And a good conditioning hit at the same time.


Loads of great suggestions here and I’ve done variations of them all as my working patterns have changed regularly.

Recently I’ve done
531 ohp & BB row - supersetted as the BB is already on the floor.
Then 5x5 ohp fsl. With every rep being hang clean to strict press. Weight didn’t touch the floor until end of set.

I built this off a suggestion by @T3hPwnisher about cleaning every ohp rep.

It takes 20 mins and it’s effective. One barbell so no extra kit.

One lift a day 531 with 5x5 fsl, would work great. Super set with another none competing accessory as others suggested and you’re good. Or finish with some chins, dips, back extensions etc


I actually did a 5 3 1 fsl 5x5 squats today, warmed up with leg curls and finished with a rest pause set of leg curls. It was a very good workout to be honest.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try to OHP variation as well.


Thats badass, I may try it. I am not rly good at cleans though.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” answer as I’m sure you’re well aware. I’m a big fan of the above mentioned and I think for most people, that style of training will work wonders. As with anything you do in your fitness journey, try it out and see if it works for you.


I find not being good at cleans to be more a feature than a bug. You end up muscling the weight up, which is great for developing a big and strong back.


I haven’t really focused on cleans for a muscle builder or strength builder. Do you feel that I’m making a mistake and there would be benefit in focusing on them?

I don’t feel you are making a mistake

Cool! I may implement them as a reprieve from always doing deadlifts.

So I came up and did the following and i am planing on keep on doing it.

  1. 5 3 1 Squat
    5x5 fsl squat SS with chins (currently at 5x3)

  2. 5 3 1 OHP
    5x5 fsl power clean + OHP

  3. 5 3 1 bench
    5x5 fsl bench

  4. 5-3-1 DL
    5x5 fsl RDL SS Pandley Rows 5x5

Obviously if there is time I will do some extra shit. For example today after the OHP session I did some lateral rises.

1 day if there is time during the weekend I can spend on some assistance or arms