30 Min. Between HRX and Breakfast?

I know HOT-ROX is taken on an empty stomach.

When I wake up in the morning it is usually 30 min until I am eating breakfast. Is this enough time or should I take the supp earlier? I can’t really eat later bc I have to get to work on time, so taking the HOT-ROX earlier is my only option.

30 min should be fine. I start noticing effects after 10-15 min. On an empty stomach, that stuff will get into your system pretty quick.


I take my HOT-ROX Extreme immediately before breakfast and my mid-afternoon meal.

I used to take it on an empty stomach, but prefer it with food.

Just take it upon waking. It will kick in within a few mins. You can eat anytime after, but the real power in HRX is fasted cardio upon waking with one or two pills.

awesome, thanks for the replies guys