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30 Hour Famine


Anyone else done it? Signed up for it, and I do not see how I will be able to get through her. Lots of protein shakes!


I have no idea what you're referring to.


Fuck that shit.

You won't make it.


ok, I looked it up.
protein shakes are cheating IMO, you're supposed to feel the hunger to empathize with the suffering of others right?

out of curiosity, why did you sign up?


you mean fasting?

Protein shake is cheating. It is just like eating. You can only drink water.

Your not going to make it.


student council is putting it on, and as a side bit, we are getting donations for the local food bank, which desperately needs the help!



i'm positive i could go 30 hours w/o eating. i sure as hell wouldn't enjoy that shit, but it's definatly doable.


I've done it before, the rules were that you could only have clear liquids (ie water and some juices) for us though. It's really not that bad hunger wise, I don't know if you're doing it in a retreat setting like I did, which makes it easier, but the hardest thing you have to deal with is the fatigue. I actually lifted a couple hours after the end time and first meal and was fine.


30 hour famine? I'm sure it used to be 40 hour famine, people must be getting soft these days.

Or maybe there are health concerns...

Anyway, my sister did it, and played 2 games of hockey whilst doing it. what a great idea. I think the idea is to have water, but they were allowed something like 2 barley sugars every hour. or 1 every 2 hours...

But yeah, it wouldn't be comfortable that's for sure. Good on you for doing something to help those less fortunate.


I did a 24 hour famine.

20 hours in it was so so so so so so so so so bad. I had the biggest migraine ever.

Only had a bottle of water too.

As soon as it finished I did eat 4500 kcal in like an hour.

I swear your senses highten after not eating that long. I could smell a curry cooking 2 miles off.


about 3500 cals for 60 hrs and 55 mile hike.


Yes. This is exactly right. The heightened awareness is one reason spirtualist advise fasts.


Makes sense really. If you are really hungry, you need to hunt some rabbits or some shit, and if you cant hear/smell/see a rabbit HOW DO YOU CATCH IT?!


Jesus did it for 40 days


Its kind of difficult to follow in the footsteps of someone who was resurrected, and could turn water into wine.


I did it in high school. We went around and collected canned goods during the second day when everyone was super hungry. It's easily doable if you have any discipline, but it still sucks.


I've done two 7 day fastings. It wasn't easy, but it's not impossible. Of course, back then, I didn't do any weightlifting.


I've recently gone 4 days without eating. 30 hours is barely famine.


Isn't what you're doing called 'The Velocity Diet'?

I love when people really know this website!

30 hour 'famine'? That's actually pretty hilarious, to call 30 hours sans food a 'famine'. When you're muscles vanish and your gut swells up, like those poor bastards in Darfur, then we can talk 'famine'.

Jesus H. Christ.............


Why the hell would you do it? I did 6 weeks without food (fed intravenously) and it was fucking HORRIBLE. Lost 55 lbs. But I had to from surgery. Why the hell would you opt to do shit like this?