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30 Degree Incline Bench?


I am starting a new program I found on here. Maximal growth lifting or something. Anyways, it has one day as narrow stance squats and 30 degree incline bench. I don't understand the signifigance of it being 30 degrees. Can anyone enlighten me please?


Incline bench, doesn't necessarily have to be 30 degrees as long as it's an incline.


30 deg is kinda a low incline, hits the chest a lil more than a "normal" incline bench of 45 deg


I then question, why this program does not have a regular bench... And I'm not one to tweak with programs that work, but would it be ok to just do regular bench instead of that or no?


I would do it with the 30° bench. It will still hit the pecs.


Well do you have a 30 degree incline bench? if you do why tweak with the program when you don't have to