30 Days on FX (Morgan Spurlock)

Anyone catch this show last night? Granted, it’s tough to cram a meaningful 30 day assessment into 48 minutes (plus commercials). However, watching Spurlock and his fiancee live on mimimum wage for 30 days made me appeciate my lifestyle that much more. The apartment they had to settle for, the maual labor jobs, the unreliable bus, the 2 hospital visits, the “children” visiting, the beans and rice, the verbal disagreements.

Next week’s episode should be even more interesting to the T-Nation. A former athlete (with kids and a wife) on anti-aging therapy (read: hGH and test) with a personal trainer and nutritionist. I can’t wait for the truth to come out about HRT…oh wait, there will be some misinformation for sure.

Interesting show, but they need to re-do it on someone who doesn’t end up with liver irregularites and doesn’t have a whiny-bitch derailing wife.

Interesting point: The guy went from having a very active sperm count (80+ Mil) to shooting blanks within a couple of weeks.

Hopefully someone more qualified caught the program and can speak to the regimen that the guy was on, but it seemed pretty tame to me.