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30 Days of Murph

It was…interesting.

I originally wanted to do 10 bodyweight, 10 weighted for just the pull/push/squat and 10 Rx, however after a couple with the weight vest I realised that I was more than likely going to burn out or get hurt.

Anway I do and also don’t recommend it.

I DO because you’ll find out all sorts of things about yourself.

  • I have excellent discipline, basically most nights I didn’t feel like doing it, and it was cold at wet but those were the nights I crushed it.
  • I have good recovery, I got sore but never injured and my performance improved until about workout 20 then held constant
  • I don’t have “a dark place” that many lifters talk about, in fact quite the opposite. I often found myself just feeling so grateful for the ability to do these workouts, and with that came a massive feeling of happiness. I also have a very loud, very confident inner voice.
  • I’m a much better athlete than I give myself credit for
  • My legs grew for the first time in ages

I DON’T because

  • you can easily overdo it
  • I was sore all the time
  • it is very repedative
  • shin splints…enough said
  • you end up having to plan around it, which eats into your life a bit

Some of the cool stuff that happened
(I was also in the final few weeks of the police academy and doing the regular PT there)

I PRed my mile time at 6.15 around mid way in
I PRed my beep test at 12.4 at the academy
I PRed my 2.4km time at 9.26 at the academy
I stayed at 82kg but recomped my body a lot

I think everyone should, at some point, do something that really pushes them for 30 days straight.


What was your time and how did it change by workout 20?

I’d have to check but I was starting out at about 35 mins or so (bodyweight) but I managed one at just under 30 mins