30 Day Mass Plan - Chad Waterbury

Does anyone have experience with this program? I am on my 3rd week. I have seen some amazing strength and size gains in such a short period of time but just hit a brick wall yesterday. It was a light day and I subbed wide pushups for 135lb bench. In the previous workout I was able o get 22 reps but struggled to get 15 yesterday. The bar felt light and it seemed like more nervous system fatigue than anything else. Until then I was thinking I might do a second round of the routine. Just curious as to what other peoples experience have been with this program?


Are you doing the program as written? 10 on and 5 off? Its kind of odd to be in “the 3rd week” of it just because it isn’t a weekly program. I think I understand what you mean though.

I expect many people haven’t done this program, myself included, so the advice you get will be minimal. The rep scemes swtich around so much and you are advised to used different variations of exercises, so as long as you are keeping the spirit of the program you are fine.

It’s only 1 more week anyway, finish it out and take the 5 days off and see how it worked. After that It’s probably a good idea to go to a different Waterbury program afterwards. Try the Waterbury Method if you want a recommendation.

Thanks for the reply. There are quite a few HFT variations that he has written about. Not sure which approach to start with first. I do really enjoy high frequency and have seen some great results with the 30 day mass plan. I guess any of them will do fine. Which of Chad’s program variations do you like best?

x2 for Waterbury Method
Also SOB, Summer Project and Anti-bodybuilding Hypertrophy all very good…

If want to go all out like 30 days mass this on a calorie surplus is another “big stick” program…

Do a google search for “The Official List of All of Chad Waterbury’s Workouts” and you will find a result from “that other body building website” - scroll down a few posts and look for “cw programs.zip”

There is a PDF file with spread sheets of all of his old T Nation programs, and the final page has a suggested order to run them (the general idea is to slowly increase frequency, with occasionally inserting a strength program, so you cycle around with frequency and weight increases)

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Thanks. I appreciate the input.

Thanks. That pdf is a gem. You could cycle through those programs for years and make continuous progress.

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